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YouTube Adds Simplified Tools To Edit Long Form Clips Into Shorts

YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, has recently introduced a novel feature that significantly simplifies the process of converting long-form videos into ‘Shorts’. This move by YouTube is a clear effort to compete more effectively with TikTok’s dominance in the short-form content space.

Key Highlights:

  • YouTube rolls out a new feature for transforming long-form videos into Shorts.
  • The tool is designed to easily clip segments from longer videos to create Shorts.
  • Currently available on iOS, with an Android rollout expected soon.
  • Creators can use familiar editing tools within the app for Shorts creation.
  • Shorts created from long-form content automatically link back to the original video.
  • The update aims to help YouTube compete with TikTok in the short-form content arena.

YouTube Shorts 1

In recent times, YouTube has been actively focusing on enhancing its short-form video segment, known as ‘YouTube Shorts’, to tap into the rapidly growing market for such content, primarily dominated by TikTok. The latest update allows creators to select a segment of any video they’ve uploaded previously and then publish that clip as YouTube Shorts content.

YouTube’s Strategy with Shorts

YouTube’s approach to ramp up its Shorts content involves leveraging its vast repository of long-form videos. Previously, the platform was automatically converting uploaded vertical videos under 60 seconds into Shorts. However, with the new tool, creators have more control over the content they choose to convert into Shorts. This strategy aims to build out a more extensive library of Shorts by actively involving creators in the process.

How the Tool Works

The tool, which is part of the updated mobile app, enables creators to select up to 60 seconds of their existing videos to turn into Shorts. The process includes using the same editing tools available in the app, and if the selection is less than 60 seconds, creators can shoot additional footage or add from their gallery to complete their Shorts. This feature provides a seamless experience for users familiar with YouTube’s editing tools.

Potential Impact on Creators

This development is particularly significant for content creators who can now easily repurpose their longer videos for the Shorts format. This not only helps in content diversification but also potentially increases viewership as Shorts created from long-form videos will automatically link back to the original content. It’s a strategic move by YouTube to encourage the creation of more Shorts content while also driving traffic to longer videos.

A Competitive Move

YouTube’s introduction of the Shorts editing feature is a direct response to the popularity of TikTok and its format. It indicates YouTube’s acknowledgment of the growing importance of short-form content in the digital media space and its commitment to offering competitive features to its creators.

Availability and Future Rollouts

The new Shorts creation feature is currently available on YouTube’s mobile app for iOS devices, with plans to expand to Android in the near future.

YouTube’s latest update to allow easy conversion of long-form content into Shorts is a strategic move to compete in the short-form video space. It provides creators with a simple and efficient way to engage with the Shorts format while also potentially increasing the reach of their longer videos. This development is a testament to the evolving landscape of content consumption and YouTube’s adaptability in meeting these changing demands.