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Xiaomi’s Internet Business Booms in Overseas Markets

Xiaomi's Internet Business Booms in Overseas Markets

Xiaomi, the global technology leader, has witnessed rapid growth in its internet business across international markets, propelled by a comprehensive suite of services tailored for global expansion. The success story of Xiaomi’s internet business underscores its strategic push to leverage its core strengths in device manufacturing to build a robust ecosystem for apps, games, content delivery, and more, aiming to enhance the mobile internet service experience for users worldwide.

Key Highlights:

  • Global Internet Partner Conference 2024: Xiaomi hosted this event in Singapore, attracting over 300 partners from 30 countries, highlighting its commitment to global collaboration.
  • Innovative Services: Introduction of “Global IAP Games Joint Operation”, “Instant Web”, and the “Columbus Monetization Platform”, marking significant strides in app/game distribution, content services, and monetization solutions.
  • App Distribution: Xiaomi’s GetApps reaches over 60 markets with 260 million monthly active users, unveiling new AI-driven features for personalized app recommendations.
  • Content Services: A comprehensive ecosystem providing diverse content across multiple devices, with Xiaomi’s “Instant Web” enhancing web page load times significantly.
  • Monetization and User Growth: Leveraging on-device capabilities for targeted advertising and monetization, ensuring high ROI for partners through the Columbus Monetization Platform.
  • Financial Growth: Q2 2023 saw internet service revenues hit RMB 7.4 billion, a record high, with overseas internet revenue growing 19.7% year-over-year.

Xiaomi's Internet Business Booms in Overseas Markets

The strategy, as articulated during the Mi Internet Partner Conference (MIPC) 2024, involves deep collaboration with global partners to establish a leading ecosystem for digital content and services. This ecosystem not only facilitates app and game distribution but also focuses on user growth, monetization, and delivering a superior mobile internet experience.

Xiaomi’s Expanding Internet Ecosystem

The core element of Xiaomi’s internet business strategy is MIUI, its customized Android operating system. Popular for its user-friendly interface and customization options, MIUI boasts a massive global user base. Xiaomi leverages MIUI to offer a suite of value-added services, including:

  • Cloud storage: Xiaomi provides secure and convenient cloud storage for photos, contacts, documents, and more.
  • Themes and customization: Users can personalize their devices with a vast library of downloadable themes, wallpapers, and ringtones.
  • App store: Xiaomi’s own app store gives users an alternative to the Google Play Store, offering local and international apps.
  • Content services: The company delivers video streaming, music, and gaming content, tailored to regional audiences.

The Overseas Advantage

Xiaomi’s commitment to internet services has proven especially fruitful in overseas markets. In recent quarters, regions outside of China accounted for a significant portion of the company’s internet services revenue. This growth is due to several factors:

  • Strategic partnerships: Xiaomi forges partnerships with local content providers and service platforms, ensuring that its offerings meet regional preferences.
  • Tailored marketing: The company localizes marketing campaigns, boosting brand recognition and user adoption.
  • Competitive pricing: Xiaomi’s internet services are frequently more affordable than competitors, appealing to price-sensitive markets.

Xiaomi’s official app store, GetApps, has notably expanded its global footprint, now serving over 60 markets worldwide with a significant user base. The conference also saw the unveiling of key initiatives like the Global IAP Games Joint Operation, aimed at aiding developers in achieving rapid revenue growth with efficient user acquisition costs. Furthermore, Xiaomi’s content distribution strategy leverages its device ecosystem to provide a variety of content, enhancing user engagement and partner revenues.

The company’s focus on innovation, quality, and creating value for all participants in its ecosystem has been pivotal to its growth. Xiaomi’s internet business’s rapid expansion in overseas markets is a testament to its effective strategy of building a comprehensive service ecosystem that caters to the needs of users and partners alike.

For businesses looking to collaborate with Xiaomi or leverage its global internet services, the growth and opportunities presented by Xiaomi’s expanding internet business offer promising avenues for partnership and market expansion.


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