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OnePlus Diwali Dash sale starts October 24: Re. 1 deals worth checking out

After Mi India and LeEco, OnePlus also joined the party by announcing the OnePlus Diwali Dash sale via its own exclusive e-commerce store in India – oneplusstore.in. The Diwali Dash sale will be held between October 24 and 26 at 12PM, 4PM and 8PM respectively.

To participate in the campaign, you need to complete the initial steps of registration namely account registration, mobile number verification, and shipment address. Moreover, you should share the event on a social media platform such as Facebook. If you complete all these steps you will win an entrance ticket. After obtaining the ticket, you will be eligible to purchase a mystery product at Rs. 1.

OnePlus Diwali Dash mystery box will be revealed during each session

During each session, a set of one mystery boxes will be released through a lucky draw. As soon as the mystery boxes are exhausted, the session will come to an end. If you are lucky to add the mystery box to the cart, you will have to pay Re. 1 to grab the product.

As a participant, you will be required to draw continuously until you manage to draw a box. You can also draw until all boxes are captured. After each draw, there will be a cool-down period. You will be eligible to receive a maximum of one box only per account.

OnePlus Diwali Dash Mystery box contents are revealed only after payment

The most interesting part of the Dash for Diwali campaign is that the contents of the box are revealed as soon as you complete the payment of Re. 1. If you are unable to pay then it will expire after three hours.

You need to register on the site, verify the mobile number, add the address and share the message via your social media platforms. The first level is bloom. If you increase the level, you have more chances of winning. This can be done by registering your OnePlus handsets, inviting friends and purchasing from OnePlus store.

The mystery prizes will most likely consist of stickers, case, flip covers and T-shirts. The OnePlus 3 handset will only be available to select one or two participants.