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Is that a woman on Mars? Alien hunters show existence of aliens on red planet

Recently an image captured by NASA sparked off a big debate after claims by alien hunters having found a dead woman being carved out. Humanity has always been searching for answers to the vexed question, is he alone in this cosmos or there are other intelligent species inhabiting in some planets in this infinite universe. UFO buffs always maintain that the planet is being regularly visited by aliens and the governments always hide the information from the common public.

In an image of the Red Planet, which was taken by NASA reveals a strange sight which some believe hints towards the existence of alien life on the planet. Some alien hunters contend that it depicts the carving of a woman.

Sharing a picture on ‘UFO Sightings Daily’, well known Alien Hunter Scott. C. Waring said that he believes that it depicts a carving of a human-like species. Describing it as the find of the century, Scott adds that the carving is erringly similar to a human like form and her dress was raised in the front and longer at the back much analogous to the dress worn by women in Europe in the 17 the century. Scott also said that he had not found anything like this even after analysing hundreds to pictures in the past.

The image shows a woman with a large hair covered head, and she lies flat on her back with two legs and two hands. It closely replicates the body of a woman of Homo sapiens. Then images were captured by the robotic spacecraft which is exploring the surface of the Red Planet and send back pictures to NASA for an assessment of the conditions on the planet, and also to seek out the existence of life on the Red Planet.

However, NASA has always negated any such possibility by images sent by the rover. It feels that it is all an example of us seeing what we want to see rather than what exists.