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WhatsApp for Windows update fixes connectivity issues

WhatsApp for Windows has come up with a new update which addresses the key issue of connectivity loses that has been plaguing users for quite some time now.

Users often complained of their messages getting lost even in the middle of a conversation. The work around so far was to unlock the phone, launch WhatsApp and open the conversation again. This would establish a fresh connection between the phone and the server, thereby ensuring the messages got synced in the correct order.

With the connectivity issue thus taken care of, users will be able to chat with their friends and family via their PC as well. It’s just that WhatsApp users on Windows Phone need to download and install the latest update available.

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Incidentally, there isn’t much that the change log revealed with the latest update as to what gets changed or enhanced and so on. It is a minor update but nonetheless a crucial one. The latest update has also been preceded by another update launched just earlier this month. However, while the last update too was about performance improvements, there were some enhancements for the UX as well so that gallery became a lot more responsive.

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Also, the above developments will no doubt be lauded by Microsoft and Windows Phone users even though the latter almost resembles a dying breed at the moment. While interest in Windows Phone is perhaps at its lowest ever since it had come into being, much of that has to do with Microsoft itself as it continues to tweak the software to make it compete better with the likes of Android or iOS.

Microsoft is also working hard to make its Windows 10 platform seem lucrative enough for developers to come up with new and exciting apps. Currently, it’s the lack of enough applications that can be considered the biggest bane of the Windows 10 platform. Microsoft had earlier made available a few crucial updates for Windows 10 Phone while the all-important Redstone 1 update is also due this August, which will see the introduction of several new features to the platform.