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WhatsApp for iPhone gets upbeat with Siri Integration and Quick Forward button

WhatsApp for iPhone has been refreshed with Siri integration and also with a Quick Forward button in version v2.16.10. Moreover, the iPhone app of the popular mobile messenger platform brings in new features to enhance in-app sharing. However, the app also takes advantage of Siri’s integration with third parties in iOS 10.

Recently, Apple had extended the Siri functionality for the third-party apps. This means companies and developers will be able to integrate the Siri SDK into their apps. The addition of Siri functionality in WhatsApp for iPhone doesn’t come as a big surprise since it was a much talked about feature.

WhatsApp v2.16.10 for iPhone was unveiled within minutes after Apple officially released iOS 10 to eligible smartphones. With the integration of Siri, you will be able to make WhatsApp calls and deliver text messages via Siri. However, you need to grant access to Siri to work with the functions provided by both Siri and WhatsApp.

Steps to activate Siri in WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10

By default, Siri automatically prompts you for access. In case if you are unable to find the prompt, you need to navigate to Settings | Siri | App Support | WhatsApp. You need to activate the toggle to work with Siri functionality from within WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was able to integrate the new features only because of the Apple’s decision to throw open Siri to third-party apps. According to sources, WhatsApp is the first app to roll out the Siri-centric functionality on its iPhone app. In future, we can expect more apps to ship with Siri integration.

Easily view recent conversations with WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10

The WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10 also provides the ability to place a Widget on the lock and home display. This enables you to easily view recent chats and unread messages. You will be able to pick up WhatsApp calls from the lock screen just like normal calls. Prior to the addition of this feature, iPhone users had to swipe right, unlock the phone, and then pick up the call after the WhatsApp app was opened on screen.

WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10 ships with easy in-app sharing capabilities

In addition to the above features, WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10 also comes with an improved feature to easily make in-app forwarding and file sharing. Suppose, if you receive a photo to video on WhatsApp and would like to forward or share it with friends. You can simply tap on the arrow button near the relevant photo or video. Hence, you can share the media resources quickly and easily. It is also possible to share photos and videos in multiple chats.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.10 also integrated new features, which enable the camera to switch from front to rear and reverse by double tapping on the display. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a voicemail feature to iPhone and Android apps to enable users to leave a voice message if a WhatsApp call is not answered. WhatsApp has added several improvements throughout 2016.