Online dispute rises over police warnings after iOS 17.1 software update

The feature is called NameDrop, which was presented at the conference as an extension of AirDrop. With the new iOS update, NameDrop was turned on by default on all updated devices, including Apple watches with the new 10.1 update.

An Apple spokesperson told USA Today that “before a user can continue with NameDrop and choose the contact information they want to share, they will need to ensure their device is unlocked. NameDrop does not work with devices that are locked.”

Some social posts made by police were updated with further information and acknowledgment that their concern was based on safety precautions.The feature can be deactivated which many commenters said they did. By going into “General Settings” and then “AirDrop,” the user can uncheck the “Bringing Devices Together” icon to turn the feature off.