Home News Video: UWE student develops a smart walking stick for Parkinson’s patients

Video: UWE student develops a smart walking stick for Parkinson’s patients

According to a Bristol 24/7 report, Neha Shahid Chaudhry, a UWE Bristol student of Pakistani origin, developed a walking stick that increases mobility for Parkinson’s patients.

Seeing her grandfather struggle with the disease for years, inspired her to work towards the product.
The sensor on the stick detects when a person’s limbs freeze and then it vibrates to get them out of the state and start walking again.

The product can benefit hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world. Several organizations like the NHS and Parkinson’s UK charity have expressed their support and interest.

Neha, who runs a startup called “Walk to Beat,” seems overwhelmed by the response that she has got so far. Though this is not a cure for the disease, it sure can help, meanwhile.

The vibration when the-the sensor detects a frozen limb, sets the patient in motion again. This gives them a prolonged life, if not a cure.
The resemblance to a normal walking stick makes it a convenient and easy to use product. Besides, the normal looking stick helps not to draw attention.

Neha spent months doing research at care homes and talking to patients. In an interview to Bristol 24/7, she said that she wanted to design something “aesthetically pleasant and discreet”.

She received from sources like UWE Enterprise which helps students in their such endeavors. She also received a grant worth 15,000 Pounds from UWE Bristol.

Nhairi Threlfall Enterprise Development Manager at UWE Bristol was quoted saying that Neha’s personal experience driven passion was the key to her success.

She worked tirelessly for two years and now when the result is finally realized, she couldn’t be happier.
Universities encouraging students to create and innovate been the key to development for a long time. Such results time and again prove the validity of this statement/fact.