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Upcoming WhatsApp features: Call back, new font, setting menu, more

If you are a WhatsApp user who stays glued to your smartphone screen all day to chat with your friends, then you will be happy to know that WhatsApp is working on two-factor authentication to strengthen security. If this has impressed you, then hold you breath because there are a lot of WhatsApp features in the pipeline that will completely change the way you use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp released the beta version of WhatsApp for users and developers to contribute. You can also be the beta tester and check out these new WhatsApp features before the rest of the world. For that, you need to apply as a beta tester on Google Play Beta services.

Call back and Voice Mail:

WhatsApp beta app supports callback and voice mail features. Now, if you call a person, and he/she didn’t answer the call or declined it for some reason then WhatsApp will show you “call declined” message with two more options; Call Back and Record Voice Message.

New Font:

WhatsApp already released the new font feature for WhatsApp to format the text a little in chats. You can change the font to italic, bold or strikethrough while sending messages to anyone. Now WhatsApp added a new font for chat feeds. WhatsApp might be working on a new font for the whole app interface. To use this font on the beta app, you need to put backquote symbol (`) three times before and after the message, type it like this “`PC Tablet“`.

Two-factor authentication:

WhatsApp is going to release the two-step authentication for your WhatsApp ID. Now your ID will be more secure with a six-digit code. Now you don’t need an app locker to lock your WhatsApp so no one can peep into your chats. WhatsApp has already released the end-to-end encryption so that no one can read your conversations, not even WhatsApp!

New Features:

Settings Menu

WhatsApp revamped the Settings Menu to add a profile snippet at the top of the settings menu. You will see your profile picture, name, and status there. Also added a new setting “Data Usage” to change some data usage settings for video or audio call.

Unknown Message

Whenever you receive a message from an unknown number, you will see some options to report spam, block or add that number to your contact list with a new interface, aligned below the message. And as always you can add that number to contact list by tapping the “ADD TO CONTACTS,” block it using “BLOCK” or report this figure as spam by tapping the “REPORT SPAM” button.

Documents tab and granular chat clear

WhatsApp added a documents tab with the media history so you can take a look at the documents list and when you received them. Also, you will see (if you are a beta tester) new options while clearing chat; WhatsApp will show you options to remove chat in granules like older than 30 days, six months or all messages.

WhatsApp is working hard to make these features available for you and if you are a beta tester, you can contribute by reporting any bugs you find to the developers. Use the search bar on the PC-Tablet website to read more about WhatsApp Beta.


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