Home News Unspecified Group Discloses That NASA Will Soon publicize Contact With Space Aliens

Unspecified Group Discloses That NASA Will Soon publicize Contact With Space Aliens

An anonymous group of hackers has released a video claiming that NASA is about to announce the strange encounter of aliens who live in the outer space. The video, shared on YouTube on June 20, has gained more than half a million public views. The latest discoveries in the space have increasingly boosted the expectation that there is life beyond the Earth planet.

Early this year, the planetary scientists revealed that there is the presence of hydrogen on Saturn moons an ingredient that has the potential of sustaining microbial life on the bed of the sea of the icy moon. Recently, researchers at NASA also discovered the existence of earthlike planets some that are almost similar to the Earth in terms of size and temperatures. The findings brought the probable planets in the galaxy to about 4,034 in total after Kepler space telescope conveyed 219 new worlds that it collected since 2009.

The latest unearthing expands the knowledge about the existence of probable asylums for aliens on other planets in the space. It’s only a few decades that the human race discovered the existence of other worlds beyond the Earth and since then more discoveries continue to emerge building more knowledge and possibility that life could be lurking somewhere else away from the usual Earth planet.

The sighting of the aliens would be the greatest milestone in the history. In the video, the NASA scientist who was spotted in a meeting stated that the human civilization on about to prove the existence of alien life in the universe. If the findings are confirmed, it will show how significant the advancement in science technology has enhanced the capability to find the extraterrestrial life evidence.

The Kepler space telescope has been scanning the patches in the sky looking for any slight evidence of exoplanets orbiting in the cosmos. The outcome was marvelous, with more than 4000 planet candidates found, there is the likelihood that the aliens could also be around the corner. With advanced tools and devices, NASA could be closer than ever to finding the indication of alien life.