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UFO expert dead: His last message to mum ignites stories of major conspiracy

Well known UFO specialist and conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Warsaw. Spiers, 39, who was originally from Canterbury was found dead in Warsaw in June this year. Speculations are rife that he did not die a natural death. His mother received a text message a few days before his death, which asked her to investigate if anything happens to him. It has spawned conspiracy theories that he was silenced by some powerful agencies or people who did not like his work.

Local authorities said that there is no reason to suspect any foul play and he died due to natural causes. Vanessa Bates, an English teacher said that he was a well known for his work and was making a name for himself in the world of the conspiracy theorist. He was invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July. Mr Spears was living with a woman for some time now, and it was she who informed Ms Bates of his death. She also talked about the foul play and said that Spiers was investigating something dark and sinister, and someone wanted him dead.

Ms Vanessa’s remarks have ignited online speculations among conspiracy theorists. Well-known scientist Scott C Waring mentioned that it is indeed strange and has instilled a sense of fear among all UFO researchers who feel targeted to slow the rate of information being leaked to the public.

However, well-known author and journalist Nick Pope who was associated with the UK Government’s UFO project said the researcher’s death is indeed a tragedy, but no agency has anything to do with his death since there is absolutely no need for any such drastic action.

However, Max’s mother said that his son was hale and hearty and all she got was a certificate from the Polish government her son had died a natural death. However, no post-mortem was done, and this makes the death even more suspicious. The North East Kent coroner’s office said that inquest of Mr Spiers’ death was in its “very early” stages.