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UCWeb introduces new lighter UC Browser, partners with Colors TV for mobile entertainment

UCWeb Inc., an Alibaba Mobile Business Group venture, launched an all new UC Browser and announced a strategic partnership with Colors TV. The New UC Browser, driven by big-data technology, includes news feeds from the groups UC News to make it an integral part of UC Browser paired with more customisation options for the users. The UC Browser has been updated bearing in mind the user preferences for trending and relevant information.

This partnership with Colors TV for some of its shows is almost like a reinforcement of the strategy of Alibaba Mobile Business Group so that they can digitize entertainment content for the mobile device. This will help the company to transform itself from tool for content and comprehensive content options to a tool for users who access the internet on the go.

UCWeb offers mobile search and news feeds to over 420 million active monthly users globally. Today UC Browser is one of the most used independent browsers in India and Indonesia and is among the world’s top 3 mobile browsers.

The New UC Browser has over 80 Million monthly active users in India and that is a market share of close to 50%. The browser is light and enables faster internet access to millions of people who reside in low bandwidth areas around the country. The New UC Browser uses analytics to recognize user taste and offers the right content for the right user.

Featuring adaptability the browser offers direct news feeds from UC News, an app exclusively launched for the Indian market. Once a user selects his favorite topics, just like in Google, the algorithm adapts and offers more information on the topic of their choice. The information can be shared, can be customized and is available in English and Hindi. The company also revealed that this would later also be made available in other regional languages. The next language is supposed to be Tamil.

The new browser has a simple and a straightforward UI with a concise homepage that has one swipe allowing the option to navigate from Browser to News. The personalisation of channel settings allows the users to pick their favorite news channels and sort them in a preferential sequence. It also has a night mode feature that offers the convenience of browsing at night.

With heavier browsers like Google Chrome dominating the market for long, this might well be a welcome change. The new UI sure looks promising.