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Tweets to appear in mobile search as Twitter joins hand with Google


Google and Twitter have announced a new deal that would enable tweets to appear in the Google search. This deal would help both the companies alike as Google would get original real-time content from tweets while Twitter can expect more traffic diverted to its website.

When a user searches for a celebrity or about an event on the Google search, the search result will now display the official account of the celebrity as well as what others are tweeting about them. Clicking on the tweet will take the user directly to Twitter.

The main advantage of this association is the availability of real-time data in the search. Users turn to Twitter for any major breaking news or event creating billions of unique tweets. This data can now be available to them in the Google search.

Twitter announced this deal through a tweet from their official account.


Google also retweeted the tweet from Twitter and announced this association on their blog.

The feature is available for the users in US for English searches only. The functionality is available on Google app on iOS and Android as well as mobile web. This new feature would be launched across on desktop as well as in other countries in the subsequent releases.

This deal will renew the tie-up between the two companies which started in 2009 but was it finally ended in 2011. The new deal would allow deeper integration of Twitter with Google.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine already has this integration with Twitter.

Twitter is in a desperate mode to reinvent itself and bring more active users on board. Its financial results have taken a huge hit, and market has taken a negative view on the stock.

Twitter has unveiled a number of new features in last few months to make itself stand out in the Social Media community. Some of its features like Direct Messaging, Highlights, Retweet with comments, have received positive feedback and acceptance from the users.