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Truecaller for Android bolstered with new Group Calling, Inbox Cleaner, and Smart SMS features

Truecaller, a household name when it comes to detecting spam and caller ID announced the introduction of new features which it believes will further add to the user experience. These include Group Voice calling, Smart SMS, and Inbox Cleaner. Truecaller said the addition of the new features is in tune with consumer demands for the same and is confident of those being a hit with the users.

Here are the details of the new features and how those can be of help to the users at large.

Group voice calling

The feature allows for voice calls to be made with just about anyone anywhere in the world. One can add up to a max of eight people at any given time, without any compromises made on voice clarity, something that Truecaller has always been known for. The feature is also smart enough to detect spam caller or anyone who might have got added without any of the user’s consent.

Another cool feature of Group Voice Calling is that it allows adding a new member to the voice chat without adding them to the phonebook. This can be extremely beneficial as users can start interacting right away without having to first add the other party to the phone, which can be a bit tedious when say, you are in a hurry.

The other usual Truecaller feature will also be relevant during group chats, like showing the city each participant belongs to, something that will be visible to all participants. During call initiation, Truecaller will let others know if a particular user is busy in another call or is offline. Then there is a dial back option present too from within the call log itself that makes the group management process extremely simple. New users can be added or removed in a jiffy.

Also, Truecaller said all group calls come with symmetric encryption security so that they are open to only the participants only and none else.

Smart SMS

SMS my hark back to the days of feature phones but its utility remains true to this day as well. Unfortunately, while some SMSs are extremely important, many, or most of the messages received are best to be avoided. This can be a tedious process if attempted manually through Truecaller is claiming they have advanced algorithms built into the app that can filter out most of the spam messages.

Truecaller also said the feature is completely safe and that no OTP or messages from banks or other financial institutes leave the device. It will arrange the messages neatly so that you can go through them easily and can also remind you of payments to make other such commitments that you may have missed out.

Inbox Cleaner

With smartphones these days having lots of storage to spare, users generally don’t mind messages getting accumulated in their inbox. Those, in turn, tend to swell up in no time with hundreds of new messages getting added every week or month. With Inbox Cleaner, one can have their inbox cleared off the clutter from unwanted messages, opening up a lot of storage space in the process.