Top iOS 10 features that give your Apple devices much-needed refresh

Apple iOS 10 finally came out of the beta mode and all iPhone users now can taste the biggest update. You can update your iPhone to iOS 10; it contains some features which could be new for you. You can now do much more with your 3D touch feature in iOS 10. If you haven’t updated your iPhone still then get ready to experience a new iOS.

1. Uninstall default apps

Apple finally did this; now you don’t have to keep your iPhone loaded with apps which you don’t use or want to use ever in future. Now you can remove Apple native apps like Heath, maps, contacts, reminders, mail and more.

The apps will get completely removed from the phone, not like the disable feature in Android. It just disables the app, but the app is still installed taking lots of storage. To install apps back into your iPhone, just search them in App Store and install it again.

2. Unlock iPhone without pressing home button

Apple changed the way to unlock your iPhone, no more “slide to unlock.” Now you have to press the home button to unlock the iPhone. Apple iPhone with Touch ID home button don’t need to push the home button, just keep your registered finger on it, and it will unlock automatically.

To enable, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home button enable Rest Finger to Open. This feature works on iPhone 5S and above, but this feature is useless on iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 because you need to wake your phone first by clicking the power button or home button.

3. Widgets on home screen and lock screen

Apple added a new feature to add widgets on your lock screen’s left page which you can reveal by swiping right on the lock screen. These widgets can give you a glance on news, calendar events, music and more. These widgets are also available in previous iOS versions, but you can only add them to the notification panel.

4. Improved iMessage

iMessage in iOS has been improved, it’s not that boring messenger anymore. You can send emoticons (thousands of them are available), the time you type something which can be changed to emoticons gets highlighted, and one tap on that word change it into the respective emoticon.

iMessages now supports stickers; you can send stickers to your friends or stick them on previous messages. You can stick stickers on existing stickers, and there are lots of stickers available. You can now send messages with different effects like invisible ink, slam, balloons, fireworks and more.

5. Split-tab Safari

Safari now can be more productive because of this new splits tab feature. Can you split the safari into two parts on the screen and surf two websites simultaneously? Weird but still this is a feature which you can do now on Safari browser. Open two websites on different tabs and bring up the tabs and drag any tab to see them in split view.

6. Clear all notifications

This feature is new and really needed in iOS because previously there was no way to clear all notifications at once. This feature is still available for iPhone’s with 3D touch features; all others still need to clear one notification group at a time to remove all the notification bar. To do that in supported iPhones, drag the notification bar and 3D touch the cross button and tap the “Clear all notification” button to clear the notifications.

7. Raise to Wake

Rise to wake is a new feature which you can experience on your iPhone. This feature is only available for iPhone 6s and later. This feature is similar to the “Ambient Display” in Android and Motorola smartphones. This feature wakes the phone up when you pick it up it from the desk but only if you received any notification.

8. Reply to message from the lock screen

Replying to text messages directly from the lock screen is different from that “reply from notification” feature. This feature lets you reply to messages directly from the lock screen without heading to the iMessage app or unlock your iPhone. This feature needs 3D touch feature to work, or you need to do it the same, only way.

9. New control center

The new control center is cleaner than before; now there are three pages called cards. The music now has its own card where you can control the music. First, card includes all the same quick settings where you can toggle some settings and control brightness. The third card is for home, where you can control some accessories.

10. New Apple Music

The Apple Music app had been changed! No, the beloved cover flow feature is still not there, but Apple has changed the user interface making it cleaner than before. Now you can have personalized playlists and paid users can now see lyrics right in the iTunes app.


There are certainLY more hidden features which you don’t know about iOS 10, and we will list it in another article. So bookmark our website or enable push notifications or subscribe to the newsletter to get all the news.