Top comedy channels you should be following on YouTube

YouTube is a worldwide famous social media platform where people can kill time watching funny and entertaining videos. How about ending your tiring day by watching some hilarious videos that would lighten up your mood? There are various comedy channels on YouTube that would take away your entire day’s tension and stress. There are some extraordinary YouTubers delivering some amazingly hilarious videos which you need to check out now. These funny, creative videos would lift up your mood and make you laugh for sure. Let us have a look at some amazing comedy channels which you must follow.

7The Viral Fever Videos:

This is an Indian Comedy YouTube Channel run by Arunabh Kumar. The channel was inaugurated in the year 2010 and features spoofs on Television, News, Bollywood and Indian culture. The most viewed spoof videos collection includes Rowdies (Real spoof of reality MTV show Roadies), the famous news anchor Arnab Goswami, the famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and even CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal grabs a place in the list. According to Arunabh Kumar, Bollywood spoofs are the most loved in the country. People have appreciated and loved his work a lot. This channel’s most popular series includes “Barely Speaking with Arnub.”

Number of Subscribers: 1,996,397

6Nazar Battu Productions:

Nazar Battu Productions is one of the fastest emerging India comedy channels. The Channel showcase regular shows and video clips for mostly the young audience. The young audience can strongly relate to the comedy artists. Nazar Battu channel broadcast crazy and wacky jokes that audiences love to watch. Most of the videos are cast by two boys Dalveer and Satbeer (names not real). The most viewed sections of the Channel includes Pandugiri and Politicians. You need to subscribe to Nazar Battu Productions Channel to get the essential dose of humor every week.

Total Number of Subscribers: 182,247

5Kenny Sebastian:

Kenny Sebastian is a famous Indian Stand-up Comedian, Actor, and Film-maker. The channel was inaugurated by Kenny in 2007 and has managed to get over 4 lakh viewers so far. This amazing stage performer shuttles between Bangalore and Bombay giving various stage performances that people from all over the world attend and enjoy.

Kenny Sebastian carries a great sense of humor and will make you laugh during his entire performance. He has all qualities of a perfect comedian including perfect comedy timing, hilarious punches, new jokes, perfect voice, amazing dialogue delivery and many more qualities. His most viewed clips would include dating rules for Indian Guys, how middle-class Indian parents order food in restaurant and more.

Total Number of Subscribers: 425,851

4AIB (All India Bakchod):

All India Bakchod popularly known as AIB is run by four Mumbai-based jolly people-Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya and Gursimran Khamba. The group focuses on making hilarious sketches, podcasts, and some amazing web shows. Their main is to make people laugh and reduce stress. They even perform gigs on people and broadcast them. The reaction to some gigs would make you laugh out loud.

This Channel has a huge fan following which sets it in number one spot. The Channels’ most viewed videos include honest series, Royal Turds series, Big hit Bollywood parodies like Actress Alia Bhatt spoof, some animated game videos, and the list never ends. The channel has taken huge leaps and further has bound to grow.

Total Number of Subscribers: 1,788,320

3East India Comedy:

This Channel specializes in News comedy and stand-up comedy acts. A bunch of some hilarious, silly comedians works in sink to make the audience laugh. The Channel broadcast Ghanta Award Show featuring two famous Bollywood stars Arshad Warsi and Archana Puran Singh. Both the actors are known for their spontaneous comedy performances. The Channels most famous sections comprises of EIC vs. Bollywood depicting love-hate relationships in Bollywood, EIC Outrage, India’s Best comedian in action, EIC Backbenchers, Musical comedy acts, current affairs, news comedy and comedians on the job depicting what happens in a comedian’s real life. Started in 2012, the channel has managed to grab over 5 lakh subscribers in such a short span of time.

Total Number of Subscribers: 504,990

2The Key of awesomeness:

Inaugurated in the year 2007, the channel is doing quite well in terms of its subscriber base. The channel focuses on making and showcasing comedy music videos as well as comedy music sketches. All the videos display funny song parodies which attract the audience. The comedy shows displays videos focusing on three main themes- spoofing famous celebrities, pop-culture music/artists, and the latest internet memes. The most famous parodies of all times include Starboy Parody, Hamilton Parody, Justin Bieber- What do you mean? Parody and more excellent parodies. These funny parodies would make you smile and force you to shake a leg. Some parodies showcase live performances by the cast. Some famous products/brands advertisement are also broadcasted in a funny manner like McDonald’s commercial, Google glasses, and some more amazing fake ads.

Total Number of Subscribers: 4,982,427

1Kanan Gill:

Another superb stand-up comedian you would love to watch. This skillful comedian is so good at delivering dialogues that you won’t be able to take your eyes off his act. His most famous videos include- Bollywood Acts, Most Suroor Ever, Most Dance Ever, Street Interviews, What we do for friendship and more. He focuses on all varieties of humor, most popular being Bollywood and Politics topic. This Mumbai-based comedian thrashes the most terrible Bollywood movies in such a hilarious manner that you would not stop laughing. After his big hits, he has managed to grab over 4 lakh subscribers.

Number of Subscribers: 413,108


All the above mentioned YouTube comedy channels are best in one or the other ways. All the channels share unique comedy videos, making people around the world laugh out loud and get rid of all the daily tensions. In case you think we have missed something, tell us about it in the comments section.