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Top Android Smart Watch: Which one is right for you?

Moto 360 2nd Generation

Is the purpose of a watch only to keep a check on time? Well, in this advanced technological era, smart watch is what we need in order to keep ourselves up to date. By putting on a smart watch, we don’t need to stuff our phone in the pocket to check important alerts, messages, and e-mails. There are many more benefits which you can reap by having a cool smart watch. Some are:

  • Browsing internet with voice
  • Tracking GPS system
  • Supports fitness feature apps such as heart rate monitor.

Stylish though expensive, smart watches are an out-of-the-world gadget, which everyone wish to flaunt today. It is difficult to decide on one brand in the plethora of smart watch range available. Here are a few hot selling smart watches:

1.PEBBLE: It offers complete value for money. Compatible with both Android and iOS, Pebble is selling like hot cakes. It is available in a variety of colors like black, grey, red, orange and white. It is very comfortable and water-resistant. Selling at just $99, it offers compatibility with more than 6,000 apps. Its higher version is available for $199 and carries an elegant stainless steel design. But, former is a value for money. It even provides a battery life of 7 days, which is quite good. Well if you are looking for complete value for money gadget, it is the best option to opt for.

Pebble Time Steel (2)

2. MOTO 360: It is the most customizable watch. The best android wear available till date in terms of compatibility with Android and customization. The 2nd generation Moto 360 offers the opportunity to color its stainless steel strap or can be paired with different leather straps to match your dress. It works with iPhones as well as Android-based phones. It has an inbuilt Moto Body app, which keeps track of your day-to-day physical activity. Priced at $299, the smart watch has a circular display which makes it look trendy and elegant.

3. MOTO 360 SPORT: If you are more into sports, you can opt for the sports edition of Moto 360. It has silicon strap efficient in absorbing sweat. It has an ‘AnyLight’ LCD display which adjusts accordingly in sunnier conditions, hence improving visibility. It also has an inbuilt Moto Body app, which keeps track of your day-to-day physical regime. Price remains the same at $299.

4. Sony Smart Watch 3: Sony has been a great player in the android wear market. It offers both stainless steel design plus rubber sporty look in a variety of color options. It has a stretchable 2-3 days battery life depending upon the usage.

sony SmartWatch 3



4. Tag Heuer: This android wear focuses on proving higher quality in terms of craftsmanship “Swiss Made”. The gadget is made up of high-quality titanium and the dial is surrounded with crystal sapphire. The high-end android wear smart watch comes with 2 years warranty and is priced at $1500.

5. Casio WSD-F10: Casio is a well-known watch player existing in the market. Its entry into the smart watch segment is no shock. This watch is made keeping in mind the US Military standards; thereby apt for outdoors making it shockproof, vibration proof and waterproof (50mm). It can boost the battery life for up to a month. Its rubber strap makes it lighter and comfortable to wear. Mainly targets the upper segment as priced high at $500.

6. Huawei: It provides the maximum display resolution. This smart watch is known for its stunningly beautiful display. So, if you place more emphasis on looks and visuals, this is the best gadget to opt for. It provides the contrast ratio of 10,000:1; again the maximum in any android wear, and offers 360-degree visuals making the display sharper. This beautiful wearable is priced at $349.

huawei watch

7. LG Watch Urbane: Well it is a luxury watch focusing on office-goers rather than sports person. This eye-catching model is available in Silver and Gold colors. If you really need to outshine among your group, you can opt for LG Urbane Luxe, having 23-carat gold case with alligator leather strap costing $1200. The normal edition is priced at $349.

8. LG G Watch R: Best for traditionalist seeking the basic smart watch features and keeping the concept really simple. Offers good battery life and is available in both leather and stainless steel strap materials. It keeps a check at the heart rate with the help of an in-built heart rate monitor. You can even have a shower while the watch is still on, but swimming is not recommended. It is priced at $249.

9. Asus ZenWatch 2: It is available in two different sizes, the bigger one for males and the smaller one for females. There are plenty of strap options available with this android wear like rubber, steel, leather and Swarovski designed. It enables viewing instant alerts, messages, and contents from calendar and e-mails etc. This Android wear is available at an affordable price of $139.



10. Fossil Q Founder: This circular-displayed android wear is an Intel-powered connected device. Fossil is again a well-known watch player, entering into smart watch segment. Well if you are brand loyal, you can go for Fossil smart watch. Priced at $249, it has both Stainless steel strap as well as leather strap options available.

11. LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition: Offering plethora of designs, it offers improved display. Price: $349.

All the above smart watches are feature rich and look elegant. But if you are fitness conscious, you can go for Pebble, LG G Watch R, or Moto 360 Sport. LG Watch Urbane and its 2nd edition can also be picked if you are care the most about the style and want to stand out in the crowd. And if you want your watch to match with every outfit, choose Moto 360will , Pebble, or Asus ZenWatch 2 that look classy and will do everything a smartwatch is supposed to do.