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The Pixel 8 Pro Can Measure Body Temperature

The Pixel 8 Pro Can Measure Body Temperature

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro introduces an innovative feature that sets a new benchmark for smartphone capabilities: the ability to measure body temperature. This feature, part of the January Pixel feature drop, has been granted FDA clearance, making it the first of its kind in the smartphone industry.

Key Highlights:

  • The Pixel 8 Pro’s body temperature measurement is FDA-cleared.
  • Utilizes an infrared sensor for contactless temperature readings.
  • Clinical trials have shown accuracy within ±0.3°C of FDA-cleared temporal artery thermometers.
  • The feature is designed to be contactless to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Measurements can be saved to the Fitbit app for health tracking.

The Pixel 8 Pro Can Measure Body Temperature

Understanding the Technology

Google Health’s team has been at the forefront of integrating health tools into Pixel phones, with the body temperature feature being their latest innovation. The process involves a miniaturized device that includes an infrared sensor. This sensor is adept at measuring body temperature by scanning the temporal artery, which is done by sweeping the Pixel 8 Pro across the forehead to the temple. This method is considered more accurate than traditional forehead thermometers, which are typically pointed at the center of the forehead.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s infrared sensor boasts a wide field of view, requiring the device to be placed within a half-inch of the skin for accurate readings. To maintain a contactless process and prevent the spread of germs, Google has employed the phone’s laser detection autofocus (LDAF) sensor. This sensor ensures the phone is close enough to the forehead before initiating a measurement, with a subsequent vibration confirming the action​​​​.

Usage and Accuracy

Using the Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature measurement feature is straightforward, offering a user-friendly interface. Initial tests have shown that the device’s temperature readings are impressively accurate, closely matching those of clinical thermometers. The app allows users to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, providing versatility for global use. Despite its precision, it’s noteworthy that the feature does not allow manual adjustments for the emissivity of different materials, a functionality found in professional infrared cameras​​.

Regulatory Approval and Future Prospects

Google’s engagement with the FDA underscores their commitment to ensuring the feature’s reliability and medical applicability. Although the distinction between clearance for function and clearance for medical use remains to be fully disclosed, Google’s aim is to integrate body temperature measurements into the Fitbit app, enhancing the device’s utility for health monitoring​​.

The introduction of body temperature measurement in the Pixel 8 Pro represents a significant leap forward in the convergence of health technology and smartphones. Google’s meticulous approach to developing a user-friendly, accurate, and contactless temperature measurement tool is commendable. While the feature’s full potential is yet to be realized, its integration into the Pixel 8 Pro is a promising step towards a future where our devices play a central role in monitoring and managing our health. As technology continues to evolve, it’s exciting to consider what other capabilities will be integrated into our smartphones, further blurring the lines between personal devices and health care tools.