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The Five Best Countries to Outsource Software Development to In 2022

There are quite a few countries in the world where you can farm out your software development. But how do you know which country is the best? Where are the most reasonable quality-price ratio and developers who are not only skilled but experienced in what you need them to do? Here are the five best countries that you can choose to outsource to.

Ukraine (Europe)

IT outsourcing in Ukraine is always a perfect prospect for companies. For instance, when you check up the lists of holders of top awards given by various leading ratings and reviews platforms for the IT industry, such as Clutch, Goodfirms, Top App Development Companies, Expertise, Techreviewer, UpCity, Top Developers, etc., you’ll definitely find a large bunch of Ukrainian companies in those lists.

Ukraine, which is located in Eastern Europe, is popular with foreign startups, SMBs, and enterprises for a few substantial reasons. First, here you can achieve the very quality-price ratio, which is of utmost importance for every business person. While the hourly rate price of a tech specialist can be higher than, for instance, in Asia (for example India, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, or Vietnam), these engineers are highly-skilled and proficient in different technologies. The average hourly rate is from $25 to $45. But it can vary from company to company.

They hold a university degree in computer science, have relevant knowledge in miscellaneous industry domains, and have a good command of the English Language.

Secondly, many choose this Eastern European country to outsource their software development because of the convenient time zone, as the country is only one hour ahead of the countries in Western or Central Europe. Thus, you can work with Ukrainian tech professionals from all over Europe. But if you are from the US, Canada, or Australia, the Ukrainian time zone is more beneficial for you as a lot of Ukrainian companies are flexible and can align their business hours with yours. No surprise that many renowned companies choose the country to locate their offices and research & development centers.

India (Asia)

India is another country where you can choose to outsource your software development. The country has the largest pool of tech talents. According to Github, there are nearly 5.8 million engineers out of 1,38 billion people in the country (for instance, in Ukraine, there are almost 213,000 out of 44,13 million) Thus, you will definitely find a developer for any of your projects.

Another reason to choose India is the low hourly rate of software development, which ranges from $18 to a maximum of $40. However, there’s always a chance that you can find even lower rates.

Besides, English is one of the official languages in India. so it won’t be a problem for you to find an English-speaking team of developers.

Brazil (South America)

Countries from Latin America are becoming more and more proficient in software technology with each passing year. The reason for it is pretty simple and straightforward — the demand for tech specialists is extremely high in the United States of America, and South America is successfully trying to meet this demand due to its relatively close location and the smallest difference in time zones.

One of the most tech-promising countries in Latin America is Brazil. If you’re located in the US, the time zone might not be a problem for you at all, as your business hours will coincide with Brazilian software development agencies.

The hourly rate might be higher compared to Asian countries and some of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The average rate is from $30 to $50, but you can always find lower pricing.

In addition, Brazilian software developers have a high level of the English language, and they always boost their skills in diverse technologies.

Poland (Europe)

If you want to view the option of outsourcing to Europe, Poland is another excellent option. The country is situated in Central Europe, meaning that there are no time discrepancies between most European countries.

Many companies choose Poland to locate their permanent offices and R&D centers due to the remarkable skills, extensive expertise, and profound experience of Polish tech specialists in mobile & web development, full-stack development, and product design, There are more than 279,000 in the country with a population of 37,95 million people and the average hourly rate is somewhat higher than in Ukraine — from $25 to $55.

Also, Poland is home to famous tech companies such as CD Projekt RED Group, Huuuge Games, Docplanner, Brainly, and many others.

Egypt (Africa)

And last, but not least, in this list of the five top countries to outsource in 2022 is Egypt. You can find out that many firms also choose other African countries such as Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Egypt is rather new to the providing of outsourcing services to other companies, it’s gaining considerable momentum. For instance, the world-famous company Microsoft has located its only two research & development centers in the country. What’s more, other well-known firms have already been outsourcing to Egypt, among them are Dell and Vodafone.

The main reason why Egypt is becoming a new top location for software development is the low rates. It’s much cheaper to farm out to this country than to Central, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. The pricing varies from $20 to $50.

Although the number of IT specialists is still low — almost 126,000 tech talents out of almost 103 million people, and there might be a cultural and language barrier — Egypt is still worthy to consider.

Whatever country you would choose for your outsourcing software development, be it Ukraine, India, Brazil, Poland, or Egypt, you can always discover high-skilled and proficient professionals for projects of any complexity.