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Telegram Update Unveils Voice Transcription, Similar Channels Feature, and More

Telegram, the popular messaging app known for its security and privacy features, has received a major update bringing several new features to both free and premium users. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Key Highlights:

  • Free voice message transcription for all users (limited to 2 per week)
  • Premium users get unlimited voice transcription
  • “Similar Channels” feature recommends new channels based on subscriber overlap
  • Reposting stories, video messages in stories, and other features added
  • Update rolling out gradually, may not be available everywhere yet

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Free Voice Transcription:

One of the most significant additions is the free voice message transcription feature. Previously, only Telegram Premium subscribers had access to this functionality. Now, all users can transcribe voice and video messages into text directly within the app. However, free users have a limit of two transcriptions per week, while Premium users enjoy unlimited access. This feature is particularly useful for situations where listening to audio messages isn’t convenient, such as driving or being in a crowded environment.

Similar Channels:

Another exciting addition is the “Similar Channels” feature. When users join a new public channel, Telegram will now recommend other public channels they might be interested in based on similarities in their subscriber base. This can be a helpful tool for discovering new communities and content that align with your interests.

Story Reposting:

Telegram has also introduced story reposting, allowing users to share stories from their friends and other channels with their own contacts. This feature adds a new layer of interaction and engagement to the story format.

Video Messages in Stories:

Building upon the story feature, users can now add video messages on top of existing story content. This can be useful for adding commentary or providing additional context to your stories.

Other New Features:

The update also includes several other features, such as:

  • Profile Colors and Wallpapers for Both Sides (Premium only): Users can now customize their chat background with different colors and wallpapers, including animated options.
  • Reaction Management: Channel admins can now add and remove reaction emojis for their channels.
  • Story Statistics: Channel admins gain access to detailed statistics for their stories, including views, forwards, and reactions.
  • Improved Search: Telegram’s search functionality has been enhanced, making it easier to find contacts, messages, and media.

Update Rollout:

The latest Telegram update (version 10.3) is currently rolling out gradually across different regions and platforms. It may not be available for all users immediately, but it should reach everyone within the next few days.

Telegram’s latest update brings a host of new features that enhance the user experience and add more functionality to the app. With free voice transcription, similar channels recommendations, story reposting, and more, Telegram continues to be a compelling messaging platform for both casual users and power users alike.