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Trend Micro says its not safe to download Super Mario Run for Android

Super Mario Run for Android
Users are advised by security experts not to download Super Mario Run for Android just yet. The game arrived on iOS early December and is now finally official on the PlayStore. However its actual release date on the Google PlayStore is yet unknown, and...

Find your lost phone with Android Device Manager: Here’s how to use it

The Android Device Manager is a mobile application run by Google that lets you keep track of your Android device’s whereabouts, and protect your data if you misplace it. The application is free to download on all Android devices via the PlayStore. Once you get...

Android technology to look forward to in 2016

android technologies
In just ten years, Google’s Android has become the world’s most popular operating system. With Android devices outselling Apple iOS devices by five-to-one, it’s become clear that this is the operating system that competitors must keep up with if they want to stay in the...

Top Android Nougat features you must know about

android nougat
Its official that Android N would be called Android Nougat. Google has released fifth and final preview version of the Android Nougat, and if the reports are be believed, the next Android OS will release on August 5. Till date, we have come to know much...

Google to release two male and female Android Wear smartwatch by End-2016

Google is reportedly working on releasing two new Android Wear smartwatches by the end of 2016 at the time of Android N 7.0 launch. Even though the Mountain View-based search giant is working hard to release Android 7.0 Nougat, two new Nexus smartphones, the company...

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