Home News Stagnation in Growth: Analyzing X’s User Engagement Under Elon Musk

Stagnation in Growth: Analyzing X’s User Engagement Under Elon Musk

Analyzing X's User Engagement Under Elon M

Since its acquisition by Elon Musk in October 2022, X, formerly known as Twitter, has undergone significant transformations, not least of which is its rebranding. This shift has led to a noticeable impact on the platform’s user base and engagement metrics.

Current User Base Statistics

Recent data indicates that X’s daily active users (DAUs) have seen a decline. Originally reported to have around 245 million DAUs worldwide, estimates from external mobile research firms like Apptopia suggest that the numbers might be significantly lower, closer to 121 million DAUs. This discrepancy highlights the challenges in tracking accurate user engagement since the platform’s acquisition​​.

Demographic Shifts and Usage Patterns

The demographic composition of X’s user base has shown that individuals aged 25 to 34 are the most active, representing a substantial portion of the audience. This age group, along with those aged 35 to 49, form the core demographic of the platform. Interestingly, the platform is predominantly used by males, who make up around 68.1% of its users.

Usage time on the platform also provides insight into user engagement. On average, individuals spend about 30.9 minutes daily on X, which is less compared to other major social media platforms. This could indicate a shift in user preference or a saturation of content consumption​.

Global Reach and Popularity

Despite the decline in some user metrics, X remains a significant player on the global stage. It is notably popular in the United States, Japan, and India, showcasing a diverse international user base. However, the overall ranking among social networking sites has slipped, with X now positioned 12th globally in terms of potential ad reach​​.

Future Outlook and Challenges

The rebranding from Twitter to X and subsequent management changes under Elon Musk have brought both scrutiny and speculation about the future direction of the platform. While Musk’s leadership aims to transform X into an ‘everything app,’ the initial user engagement metrics post-rebranding suggest a period of adjustment and potential reevaluation of strategies moving forward.

As X navigates through these transitional phases under new leadership, the platform faces the dual challenge of retaining its current user base while innovatively expanding its market reach. The coming years will be crucial in determining whether X can stabilize its user engagement and position itself anew in the competitive social media landscape.


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