Home News Square Enix Embraces Major Game Development Overhaul for Enhanced Quality and Innovation

Square Enix Embraces Major Game Development Overhaul for Enhanced Quality and Innovation

Square Enix, the esteemed video game developer and publisher known for iconic franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is reportedly undergoing a significant transformation in its game development process. This strategic pivot aims to bolster game quality, streamline production, and adapt to the evolving demands of the digital entertainment landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Square Enix aims to reduce reliance on outsourced development, focusing on in-house production for major titles to increase quality and profit margins.
  • A new quality-checking mechanism will be introduced to assess game quality earlier in the development process.
  • The overhaul comes in response to flat sales and the underperformance of high-profile releases like Final Fantasy 16.
  • Square Enix plans to speed up game development and explore new ideas for remasters of classic titles.


Strategic Shift in Game Development

Square Enix’s decision to overhaul its game development process is rooted in a desire to enhance the quality of its titles and respond more effectively to market trends and feedback. The company’s president, Takashi Kiryu, has been vocal about the need for this shift, emphasizing the importance of focusing on in-house development for high-profile projects. This move is expected to improve both the quality and the profitability of Square Enix’s game portfolio​​​​.

Implementing Quality Checks and Reducing Outsourcing

The company’s strategy includes a significant reduction in outsourcing game development to external studios, instead channeling resources into bolstering its internal capabilities. This approach is anticipated to not only enhance game quality but also allow for more cohesive and streamlined development processes. Additionally, a novel quality-checking mechanism is slated for implementation, designed to facilitate earlier assessments of a game’s quality, potentially leading to more efficient production timelines and higher standard outcomes​​​​.

Financial Implications and Future Outlook

Despite experiencing flat sales and a notable drop in market value following the release of Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix is optimistic about its strategic overhaul. The company is also exploring ways to accelerate game development and has expressed interest in developing remasters of beloved titles. This reflects a broader industry trend of reviving classic games for contemporary audiences, promising potential growth avenues for Square Enix​​​​.


Square Enix’s comprehensive overhaul of its game development process marks a significant pivot towards enhancing game quality and efficiency. By reducing reliance on outsourced development and implementing new quality checks, the company aims to address recent challenges and set a new standard for its future titles. As Square Enix embarks on this ambitious journey, fans and stakeholders alike are keenly watching, hopeful for a resurgence in innovation and success that has long defined the brand.