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Sony Xperia X (2017) image leak shows thinner bezel, launch expected in few months

If rumors are to be believed, Sony Xperia X (2017) is expected to launch within the next few months. The renders of the purported smartphone have leaked on the web, which reveals thinner bezels on all sides. Leaked via KKJ.CN, we can clearly spot thin bezels across all sides with 10.35 embedded into it. Moreover, the date shows October 3. This signals the fact that the image was captured on October itself but surfaced on the web after a gap of 3 months.

Upon detailed inspection, the leaked image look more or less like a sort of packaging material. It could be either the new smartphone or simply a phone placed on the top of the package. As of this writing, we are unable to verify the authenticity since there is no official confirmation. We can see that the white colored package is a bit too long. Hence, we expect Sony to bundle VR headset with the upcoming Sony Xperia X (2017).

The image hints at thin side bezels coupled with smaller upper and lower bezels. According to analysts, the lower bezel need not be as thick as shown on the leaked image because Sony makes use of integrated screen buttons. Moreover, Sony usually places fingerprint scanner on the side.

Sony Xperia X and XZ

In 2016, Sony Xperia X was launched with a 5-inch display, Snapdragon 652 processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB/64GB internal storage powered by a 2620mAh battery. The rear camera was equipped with a 23MP sensor.

Going by the trend, you can expect the same image-centric smartphone in 2017 as well. Apart from a new design, the upcoming Sony Xperia X (2017) will also feature a new processor supposed to be that of Snapdragon 653. When it comes to battery, you can expect above 3000mAh to combat other manufacturers.

Sony Xperia XZ, which was launched in 2016 was tipped to get a major refresh in 2017. If a new version hits the shelves, then the new phone is being released within a year of the launch. However, the leaked image of a forthcoming Xperia X (2017) signals the arrival of a new smartphone.

Sony fans can rejoice since they are virtually getting two new handsets in 2017. We expect all Sony-brand phones expected to be released in 2017 will be loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Sony has been continuously reinventing the wheels in the smartphone segment. In 2016, the company launched several smartphones with great value and quality. Even though Sony was under loss for some time, the company managed to fetch adequate profits towards Q2 2016.


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