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Sony PlayStation 5 set for India launch on November 19, Digital Edition likely to be priced Rs. 35,000

Those waiting with bated breath for the all-new PlayStation 5 in India now have a firm date to look forward to. For the Sony gaming console is confirmed to launch in India on November 19. That would be a week after the console is introduced in a few other world markets. Sony announced the PS5 will first reach the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12.

Earlier on September 16, Sony revealed the price of the new PlayStation 5, where the standard version will come for $499.99. The Digital Edition of the console will come cheaper at $399.99. Both have identical specs, save for an optical drive which is missing on the Digital Edition. Sony though is yet to announce the India pricing of the next-gen console. That said, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is expected to be priced in the vicinity of Rs. 34,990 when it is launched in India.

Meanwhile, the PS5 pricing is very much in line with the new Xbox Series X console, which is also priced $499. The next-generation Microsoft console too is accompanied by a budget model, the Xbox Series S that again is priced $299. Similar to the PS5 Digital Edition, the Xbox Series S too lacks an optical drive to keep costs low. However, unlike the Play Station 5 Digital Edition which comes with exactly the same specs as its standard counterpart, the Xbox Series S has a slightly downgraded GPU, which means a slight dip in performance with some games at least.

Worth mentioning, the latest generation Xbox Series X is priced at Rs. 49,990 while the Series S is slated to retail for Rs. 34,990. Pre-orders for both versions will begin from September 22 while shipping date is November 10.