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Skullcandy Jib True Wireless Earbuds Review

The market for affordable wireless earbuds is booming right now. Now, Skullcandy has jumped onto this bandwagon with the launch of its extremely budget-friendly wireless earbuds called Jib True Wireless earbuds. It costs INR 2,999, and comes loaded with features such as playback and call control, voice assistant, IPX4 rating, and more. I’ve spent quite some time with these earbuds, listening to music, binge-watching TV shows, making calls, and working out – to see how these performed. Let’s find out more about these wireless earbuds in our review.

Design and Fit

The SkullCandy Jib feels well built and sturdy. Even the case feels robust and fits easily in your bag or pocket, making them easy to carry around.

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Initially, they didn’t fit well in my ear. That said, these earbuds come with three silicone tip sizes to choose from, and I found a smaller tip that fits perfectly. After changing the tip, these felt super secure. While these aren’t designed for running or intense workouts, I still took them out for a workout spin. And to my surprise, these felt quite secure. These are also IPX4 sweat and water-resistant, which means they can handle rain and sweat.

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Features and Sound

Bass and Mids sound more pronounced on these earbuds, which means the overall sound leans towards a bass-oriented audio profile. These don’t connect to the Skullcandy app either, and therefore you can’t personalize the sound or change the levels of quality. I’m sure they’re not the best sound quality in the world, but they pack enough punch to deliver an immersive sound experience. For the price, I’d say you couldn’t ask for more. These are great for binge-watching TV shows and watching action movies. Even phone calls were also clear. Each earbud has a microphone, and people could hear me clearly, and I could hear them.

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However, these aren’t equipped with any noise cancellation features. While Skullcandy claims they have a noise-isolating fit. Though even with them in the ear, I could easily pick up background noises.

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These buds can be used solo, which is a nice feature to have, though it can be a hassle as it requires resetting the earbuds and pairing them to each other. Talking about pairing, I faced no issues while connecting my smartphone with these earbuds using Bluetooth. Besides, I could comfortably walk around the house without experiencing any drop in connection.

Battery Life

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Just like other similarly priced wireless earbuds, the SkullCandy Jib delivers a solid battery life. The earbuds are rated to deliver six hours of playback, while the case offers an additional 16 hours of charge. In total, you get 22 hours of playback which may vary depending upon the usage. Moderate users like me can use these for over a week before they need to be plugged into the charger.

Are they worth buying?

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As I mentioned earlier, these aren’t the greatest sounding earbuds as you can’t hear each sound effect on the high end, but that’s not what they are for. The Skullcandy Jib is for those looking for an affordable pair of earbuds that work for calls, listen to music, watch movies or working out, and offer excellent battery life.