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Simple tricks to unroot your Android smartphone and reclaim warranty

Rooting your Android phone can give your system privileges to do some crazy stuff on your smartphone but it also takes away some benefits like official OTA (Over The Air) updates and the most important of them is warranty. You can ignore the OTA updates because you are getting more features either way but you can’t ignore warranty of your smartphone. If you have already rooted your phone, then your phone’s warranty is void.

Well, you get the warranty back by unrooting your smartphone. There are several ways to do that, but I’m going to tell you the easiest and fast methods. These methods also apply according to the brand of your smartphone. Read these precautions before unrooting your phone, so you don’t end messing up things.


  • Your smartphone should be charged up to 100 percent battery, so there will be enough juice to make through the unrooting process.
  • If your phone contain some valuable data, then create a backup of all the data in the cloud or your PC.

Unroot via one-click root app

If you have previously rooted your phone using one click root method, then you can unroot it using the same app or software. For example, if you have rooted your phone using Kingo Root desktop software then follow these steps.hqdefault e1481114913612

  1. Download and install Kingo Root for PC.
  2. Run KingoRoot from Start menu and connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
  3. Wait for KingoRoot to detect your smartphone and click Remove Root button to start the unrooting process.
  4. Your smartphone will reboot automatically after some time.

If you rooted your phone via the KingoRoot app, then install the same app again and launch it. Click on Unroot button and wait till it unroots your phone completely and reboots your smartphone. If this doesn’t work for you, then follow the second method.

Unroot via full system flash

In this process, you need to flash the system files on your phone. This process will reset your phone to factory settings and it is new. Method to flash system files differs according to the smartphone brand you own. You need to search Google to download your smartphones stock firmware and then flash it on your phone.


Your phone will get reset to factory settings, and now there will be no problem taking it to a service centre. And from now your phone will receive official Over The Air updates on your smartphone. If you need any help unrooting your phone then contact us using the comment section and we will be happy to help you.