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Scientists plan first space nation ‘Asgardia’ to save Earth from asteroid collision

The planet once considered to have abundant resources for its denizens now seems to be inadequate for its needs. Therefore scientists are looking at other worlds which can accommodate the ever increasing humanity. Space scientists have proposed the building of a new city or a country with residents high above as a satellite orbiting the earth.

The plans to form a new country were unveiled in Paris on Wednesday. The first piece of space hardware for the new country in space will be sent in 2017. The goal of this venture is to foster world peace and protect the planet from rogue asteroids and space debris.

The new space country will be named “Asgardia” after the city in the skies which is ruled by Norse God Odin. Though the city will be used to reside humans, the immediate goal is to study the scientific, legal and technical aspects of the experiment. It is spearheaded by Russian nanoscientist Dr Igor Ashurbeyli. Igor is also the founder of the Aerospace International Research Center and newly appointed chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space committee.

Expanding on his plans for Asgardia, Igor said that the city will serve the humanity and will not depend on upon the personal welfare and the prosperity of the nation the residents happened to be. The new website of the country was launched on the web after a press meet for crowdsourcing the nations, emblem, flag and insignia. Citizens have also been asked to register themselves for the citizenship in the nation, and as soon as the registered persons reach 100,000, it could apply for recognition as a new country to the United Nations.

However, the biggest challenge for the citizens of Asgardia, who are presently residing in different nations will be to get them to the satellite. However, the real aim is to allow the access of space for nontraditional space nation to achieve their scientific aspirations.