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Samsung smartwatch patent reveals Apple Watch copy of digital crown and straps

Samsung has reportedly filed a patent application for a smartwatch, which more or less resembles the prototype designs of the Apple Watch. The latest filing for an upcoming Samsung branded wearable device make use of many sketches of Apple’s popular smartwatch. The designs showcase the digital crown and all the same straps used by Apple Watch.

According to Business Insider, the majority of the pictures in the patent application hints at a possible generic smartwatch. However, the two figures clearly reveal Apple’s smartwatch. They don’t look like a Samsung device.

The patent application was filed on August 4, 2016, with United States Patent Application number 20160223992. The abstract states that the wearable device includes a first strap portion connected or disconnected from a body portion. The body portion is to be worn on a human body, which a second strap portion can be electrically connected to the body portion.

Samsung smarwatch

The Samsung patent, originally discovered by a reputed tech portal, reveals that figures 10a – 10c and 11a – 11f clearly depicts Apple Watch designs. It bears a classic backside charging mechanism in addition to various Apple band styles. The patent application doesn’t mention anything about the fact that the designs are from Apple.

After a careful inspection, we noticed that the patent filed by Samsung reveals a new method of attaching straps to a wearable device.

You will be able to come to a conclusion if you carefully verify the marketing material published by Apple after the release of Apple Watch in 2014.

According to tech insiders, the use of Apple patent design images is a tricky move from Samsung. They disclosed that no one can dispute Samsung’s filing with The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since the proposed wearable device doesn’t look like Apple but borrows the design and other elements.


Possible legal issues

According to industry analysts, Apple sources will be definitely concerned about that fact that its own device appears in a patent filing. Moreover, top executives at Samsung will also be worried about the possible legal issues which will hit the company in the upcoming days.

If Apple files a case against the recent patent of Samsung, then the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will have a tough time to explain its stand before the court of law.

Earlier, Samsung was found guilty of copying the Apple’s original iPhone design. If you inspect the current designs of Samsung smartphones, it will be more or less same as Apple’s flagship smartphone without some minor variations.

It remains to be seen as to how these images found a place into the patent listing. We expect it could be a handiwork of people inside Samsung. In addition to the images, the specifications were also ripped off from the Apple Watch.