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Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Hands-On: Ultra Déjà Vu

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Hands-On

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, set to release soon, raises the stakes in the smartwatch market. Though its outward appearance offers a semblance of familiarity, it brings substantial enhancements under the hood that merit a closer look. This article delves into the key features and initial impressions of this latest wearable from Samsung.

Introduction to Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

The Galaxy Watch Ultra has been confirmed to come with LTE capabilities and boasts a 47mm watch face. While the design and size are only slightly larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, it suggests a more robust presence on the wrist​​.

Design and Build

The Watch Ultra sports a modern take on Samsung’s classic design philosophy. It retains the circular face beloved by traditionalists but introduces a more pronounced, sleek bezel that seems to be engineered for both aesthetics and durability. Initial reports hint at a ‘squarish-circle’ design that has stirred mixed reactions, reflecting a bold step in design evolution​

Display Enhancements

Samsung continues to use the AMOLED display technology, known for its vibrant color output and deep blacks. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to feature improved brightness and reduced bezels, enhancing visual appeal and functionality in various lighting conditions​​.

Performance Upgrades

While specifics on the internals are not fully disclosed, the Ultra variant will likely feature an upgraded chipset and battery life enhancements. This is in line with Samsung’s approach to refining performance with each iteration. The inclusion of an LTE option also suggests a greater degree of connectivity and independence from paired devices​.

Software and User Experience

Samsung’s wearable interface, based on WearOS by Google, is anticipated to be more streamlined and user-friendly. It will likely include familiar apps like Samsung Health and Samsung Wallet, alongside improvements in navigation and customizability​.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The Watch Ultra is expected to extend its capabilities in health and fitness tracking, with potential advancements in heart rate monitoring, GPS accuracy, and a suite of wellness metrics. This makes it a promising tool for both casual fitness enthusiasts and more dedicated health-conscious users​​.

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Watch Ultra seems to refine the already successful formula of its predecessors with subtle yet impactful enhancements. It retains much of the beloved design and interface elements while promising better performance and utility. Whether these changes justify the upgrade will depend on the individual user’s needs and the final pricing details which are yet to be disclosed.


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