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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Flagships compared

galaxy s8 plus vs Pixel XL

The Galaxy S8 Plus has already received rave reviews. It looks and feels gorgeous, thanks to a new screen technology that allows manufacturers to create smaller bezels than ever before. We compare Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone to Google’s impressively specced Pixel XL. Can the Galaxy S8 Plus stand against the might of the Pixel XL? We’ll try to find out in this comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Design

Despite the massive 6.2-inch screen size, both smartphones are pretty much similar in terms of dimensions. Thanks to a combination of new screen technology and innovative design work from Samsung, the S8 Plus gets much narrower bezels than ever before. This essentially makes the Galaxy S8 Plus slimmer, sleeker, as well as lightweight.

The Google Pixel XL, on the other hand, rocks a pretty minimalist design. That said, it flaunts a more standard smartphone design which doesn’t make it a bad looking device. But it still looks pretty identical to virtually any other Android phone and doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Display

Both smartphones pack a QHD AMOLED display capable of offering an immersive multimedia experience while on the move. That said, the Pixel XL’s 5.2-inch display isn’t as big as the massive 6.2-inch QHD display of the Galaxy S8 Plus. Not to forget, the Galaxy S8 Plus also sports a Super AMOLED screen which delivers more vibrant colors, along with a widescreen aspect ratio along with support for Mobile HDR, making it more ideal for watching movies or TV shows on the go.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Hardware and Features

Both devices are capable of delivering solid performance, thanks to some top-of-the-line specs on board. The Pixel gets powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor bundled with 4GB of RAM. While the Galaxy S8 Plus features Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835, which also gets backed by 4GB of RAM.

Both smartphones also pack a fingerprint sensor, which can be used to quickly unlock the device and authorize payments. However, the Galaxy S8 Plus also rocks a front-facing Iris scanner which gives you an added layer of security. The Galaxy S8 Plus also supports wireless charging.

Both smartphones are also equipped with VR support. The Galaxy S8+ supports its own Gear VR platform, while the Pixel XL supports Google’s DayDream VR platform.

Elsewhere, the Galaxy S8 Plus supports microSD expandability, while the Pixel XL does not. Also, the Galaxy S8 Plus gets full water resistance capabilities, while the Pixel XL is just splash resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Cameras

The Pixel XL has already proven its shooting prowess, making it one of the few smartphone cameras to rival the iPhone 7 Plus. The device packs an impressive 12MP primary camera coupled with Phase Detection Auto Focus and laser-guided focus.

The Galaxy S8 Plus still retains last year’s single lens 12MP primary camera setup with f/1.7 aperture, which can also capture super detailed and sharp images. That said, it still misses out on features such as optical zoom and wide-angle capabilities, but still,  it manages to be one of the best smartphone cameras around.

Elsewhere, both devices offer full manual controls and the ability to shoot 4K videos, along with slow motion video capture.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Price

If you’re planning on buying either of the two, both devices can drill an astroid-sized hole in your bank account. The Pixel XL starts at $769 for the 32GB model, while its 128GB variant will set you back by $819.99. The Galaxy S8 Plus gets an even higher price tag, as its base variant is priced at a whopping $840, and goes as high as $1176 for its top-end model.

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