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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 usage will be curtailed in the UK with 30% charge restriction

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is in news for all wrong reasons. Samsung has decided to curtail the Galaxy Note 7 battery charging capacity to 30% in the UK. This means if you are located in the UK and have access to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the phone will not charge beyond 30 percent. Samsung will update the handset via an OTA update in a bid to persuade customers to return the phone.

After the company officially recalled and stopped the production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, few customers are found to be still using the smartphone. Hence, the company is taking all steps to stop their usage by providing incentives such as free exchange for Galaxy S7 and much more.

According to reports, nearly 10% of Galaxy Note 7 is yet to be returned back to the company. Samsung will be rolling out an update soon to force customers to return the handset.

In a statement released to the press, Samsung revealed that from December 15, all Galaxy Note 7 handsets will receive a new battery software update. It will limit the maximum charging capacity to 30 percent.

The company added that this is being done with an absolute focus on customer safety. Moreover, the upcoming software update has been designed to reduce the customer risk. It will also prompt customers the need to replace the handset by participating in the Galaxy Note 7 replacement program.

Meanwhile, Samsung is taking drastic measures to reduce the use of Galaxy Note 7. The company has already disabled access to Galaxy Note 7 phones in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. This is done by blocking the phone from the preview of cellular a Wi-Fi networks using IMEI numbers.

To recall, Samsung is planning to roll out a similar update in the US on December 19. This will render the handset completely unusable. As of writing this, we don’t have any idea about the steps taken to reduce the impact of Galaxy Note 7 in India.