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Samsung confirms Galaxy S8 with Bixby digital assistant

Samsung has confirmed the integration of Bixby digital assistant with the upcoming Galaxy S8. According to sources, the Galaxy S8 series will be infused with an artificial intelligence based digital assistant, which will be similar to that of Google assistant.

Recently, we reported about the possible launch of a digital assistant named Bixby. This is because the company had acquired Viv Labs, which is a start-up, founded by the developers of Siri. The acquisition has increased the possibility of a new digital assistant with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge.

Bixby digital assistant will be extended to other gadgets

Initially, Samsung will integrate the artificial intelligence platform called Viv into its Galaxy smartphone. After that, the company will expand the digital assistant to other products such as wearable gadgets and home appliances.

Based on reports, we can infer that the new platform will provide a wide range of features, functionality, and services to users. However, Samsung has not yet confirmed about the kind of services that will be offered via the new digital assistant.

Commenting on the development, Samsung Executive Vice President Rhee Injong disclosed that the users will be able to seamlessly access third-party services through the assistant. If you are a developer, you can attach and upload services to our agent.

In the meantime, Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jae-yong disclosed that the company would like to focus on providing a compelling experience to users through Viv Labs AI solution. He added that the company is gearing up to enhance its position in the IoT segment by bringing Bixby to large home appliances.

Bixby digital assistant capable of performing multiple tasks easily

The upcoming AI-based digital assistant will be able to perform multiple tasks easily by using voice commands without any need to work with multiple apps.

In a statement, Viv Labs CEO Dag Kittlaus disclosed that the new AI platform will not be limited to smartphones but will also work with home appliances which are used on a daily basis. The main aim of the company is to enable users to work with connected technology.

If Bixby is implemented, it will simplify your life to a large extent. You can remote control your home appliances. For example, you can ask your refrigerator to display your photos on your phone.


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