Home News Russian scientists find Hilter’s secret Nazi military base constructed in 1942

Russian scientists find Hilter’s secret Nazi military base constructed in 1942

Stories about Hitler, his demonic ideas and the Third Reich never ceases and new stories about the Fuhrer and the German empire he once reigned supreme continues. Russian scientists recently stumbled upon a secret Nazi military outpost on the Alexandra Land some 1,000 km from the North Pole. The outpost was constructed in 1942; a year after Hitler invaded the USSR.

The outpost was named “Schatzgraber” or “Treasure Hunter” by the Germans. It was used as a tactical weather station and was built on the direct order of Hitler. The base had to be abandoned in 1944 after the workers at the workstation suffered from food poisoning after eating Polar Bear Meat. The scientists had to be evacuated by a German U-Boat. By 1945 the tide of the war was changing, and Adolf Hitler’s grand vision of Aryan supremacy was in shambles, and his German Blitzkrieg was suffering defeat at multiple fronts. The station was never manned after 1944 and was lost in oblivion before it was recently rediscovered by Russian scientists. The island is a Russian territory now.

Russian scientists found about 500 objects, most of it in excellent condition, preserved probably by the cold weather. The site had ruins of bunkers, rusted bullets and other relics which were from the Second World War era.

The weather station was very vital for the Third Reich war efforts. Weather bulletins were crucial for planning troop movements as well as for submarine and ships. The name was given to the station, however, led to some myths associated with the site, and many believe that it must have another secret mission. Some even speculated that it was connected with occult and black magic and was used for the pursuit of ancient relics.

The island was disputed for a long time but is today a Russian territory, and it wants to build a military base there.