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ReFit Global announces a new marketplace for pre-owned smartphones; to offer premium refurbished phones at affordable prices

ReFit Global announces a new marketplace for pre-owned smartphones; to offer premium refurbished phones at affordable prices

ReFit Global, India’s biggest re-commerce marketplace for pre-owned smartphones, has ventured into D2C offering, unlocking the potential of over $10 Billion industry, through the launch of its refurbished gadgets marketplace, RefitGlobal.com. The new marketplace boasts of an impressive lineup of premium brands, including Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and vivo, all available at an astounding 50% markdown from their original prices. ReFitglobal.com to ensure product quality through a rigorous evaluation of smartphones, through a 37-point check, further managed and maintained through its proprietary in-house diagnostic app. Catering to the aspirations of the youthful Indian demographic, ReFit Global aims to bridge the gap between flagship and cutting edge smartphones and budget constraints amongst the young, making premium smartphones more accessible than ever.

Presently, ReFit Global holds the distinction of being the primary liquidation partner for India’s prominent e-commerce entity, Flipkart. Additionally, it has established partnerships with prominent e-commerce platforms and major smartphone manufacturers to acquire devices. Across India, ReFit Global operates through a comprehensive network of over 50,000 retailers and distributors, facilitating the sale of these reconditioned devices.

Expressing thoughts on this milestone, Co-founder and CEO Saket Saurav said, “The launch of ReFit Global’s website marks a pivotal moment, bridging the gap between the company and its ever-growing customer base. Taking the next natural step, we are ready to embark on an online journey, to experience the immense power of direct consumer engagement. Our aim is to create an unprecedented community, an ecosystem where individuals are not mere spectators, but active participants. Fueled by top-notch service, advanced reconditioning, and strong warranties, we aim to hit INR 425 crore in revenue by FY 2024..”

Fuelling the premium smartphone aspiration
As highlighted by the Industry Intelligence Group (IIG) and CMR, the age group of 17-30 years exhibits a strong preference for aspirational premium smartphones. These devices, favoured for content creation (88%), consumption (86%), and gaming (77%), underscore the competitive landscape in the aspirational premium smartphone segment (INR 20,000-INR 30,000) within the Indian market.

Co-founder and COO Avneet Singh added, “ReFit Global’s trailblazing move into the digital space signals a paradigm shift, setting new standards in the Refurbished Industry. When we embarked on our journey with ReFit Global, the refurbished phone market lacked structure and was still in its nascent stages. However, we recognized the immense potential for growth and collaborated with our retail partners to establish a network built on trust. Through our website, we aim to cultivate the same level of trust with our valued customers.”

Aligning with this trend, ReFit Global serves as the gateway to exceptional refurbished smartphones at remarkably affordable prices. Offering sought-after models like the Samsung A52s 5G priced at just INR 17,599, the OnePlus 8 at INR24,999, and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Gold for a mere INR 53,799 (50% off the original price), the company enables easy access to premium smartphones without straining your budget.