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How To recover accidentally deleted files from Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is not just a place to upload your files, and have them synced to other clients connected to the service. It can come to your rescue in moments of acute crisis. Imagine an important accounts file that you deleted accidentally deleted from your computer while clearing the mess in the Explorer section. Of, course it is not deleted permanently and you can still find it in the Recycle Bin but what if you deleted it some days ago and now realize its importance. Worry Not! OneDrive in Windows 10 solves this problem for you. It can help you recover accidentally deleted files.

Here’ its worth mentioning the data retention policies of Microsoft OneDrive when dealing with deleted files. It clearly mentions – any deleted files will be kept in the Recycled Bin for a total of 30 days following which they will be permanently deleted starting with the oldest ones first. If the Recycle Bin reaches 10% of the total amount of space available in the users account, then the stored data will be deleted regardless of how long it persisted in the Recycled Bin starting with the oldest.

Recover Important but Accidentally Deleted Files from OneDrive

To recover the accidentally deleted file, right-click the OneDrive icon on your Taskbar and select Go to OneDrive.com. Log in when prompted.


Next look for the Recycle bin link located on the left menu, search for the desired file you wish to restore and hit Restore at the top.

You can also restore an individual file or folder by giving it a right-click and then select restore.

Now, the files will be sent to the recycle bin of your local machine since, these files were deleted from there. You will be required to restore them from the local bin.

Sometimes accidents do happen and the wrong files are deleted. Fortunately, they aren’t always gone forever.