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realme announces Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador, taking the leap forward with the ‘Dare to Leap’ philosophy

realme, the most trusted technology brand in India, today announced superstar Shah Rukh Khan as its brand ambassador for realme smartphones. The announcement comes at a time as realme prepares to launch its highly anticipated flagship smartphone series, the realme 11 Pro Series 5G in India.

This collaboration further reinforces the brand’s commitment to inspiring the millennial generation and setting new benchmarks in the smartphone industry. Shah Rukh’s incredible contribution to the film industry and society has won him love and admiration from people across the world. By joining forces with an iconic personality and an inspiration to millions, realme is showcasing its focus on delivering powerful, stylish, and youth-oriented smartphones that resonate with the aspirations and ambitions of today’s youth. The first product Shah Rukh Khan will endorse for realme is the realme 11 Pro Series 5G, a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology to its customers. With this collaboration, realme is poised to continue thriving and growing in the future, while staying true to its ‘Dare to Leap’ philosophy.

realme’s smartphone category has consistently embodied the perfect harmony of fashion, aesthetics, performance, leap-forward design, and technology. As the brand’s ambassador for the smartphone category, Shah Rukh Khan truly embodies the spirit of realme with his remarkable journey and charismatic persona, he represents realme’s commitment to providing users with a leap-forward experience.

Shah Rukh Khan shared, reflecting on the collaboration, “realme’s ‘Dare to Leap’ philosophy truly resonated with me. The brand’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with my own pursuit of excellence. Together, we aim to ignite innovation and fuel the growth of realme globally. I am looking forward to joining the realme family as their brand ambassador and hope to inspire others to embrace challenges, take bold steps, and achieve greatness.”

Commenting on the association, Tao, Chief Marketing Officer at realme India, stated, “We are extremely excited to have Shah Rukh Khan on board as the brand ambassador for the realme smartphone category. His dare-to-leap spirit perfectly resonates with our brand’s philosophy. With this collaboration, we aim to reach new heights of innovation and redefine the smartphone experience for our users.”

realme’s steadfast commitment to continuous innovation, differentiating products, and bringing the best to users has led to the establishment of several industry benchmarks and the consolidation of realme’s position as the leader in the market. As realme prepares to launch the highly anticipated realme 11 Pro series, users can look forward to a perfect blend of style, performance, and innovation that will set new industry benchmarks and reinforce realme’s position as a leader in the market.