Home Reviews Raegr AirShots 500 TWS Review: Impressive wireless earbuds with self charging case

Raegr AirShots 500 TWS Review: Impressive wireless earbuds with self charging case

The market for truly wireless earphones is on the rise. And why not? They offer a world of convenience as you don’t have to worry about tangled wires to get a comfortable listening experience. A truly wireless headset gives users a cord-free experience to help them enjoy high-quality stereo music with ease. Today, we’ll check out the Raegr Airshots 500 True wireless earbuds. I’ve been using these wireless headphones for a week now to find out how they perform. Priced at INR 1,999. These headphones offer features such as IP67 waterproof, magnetic charging case, and more. Hence, without much adieu, let’s find out if these earbuds are a worth buying option?

Build and Design

Raegr AirShots 500 TWS Wireless 7

The Raegr Airshots 500 sports a stylish, minimalist design and looks classy. These earphones come with an impressive looking case that conveniently stores and charges them. The case is made out of high-quality polymers giving it a premium look and feel. Moreover, the case also comes fitted with a low-powered LCD, which shows the amount of charge in each earbud, battery remaining in the charging case, and charging animations for both. The LCD comes in real handy as it keeps you up to speed with all battery stats while these earphones are safely tucked away in the case. I was also impressed by how easy it was to place these earphones in their charging slots. The charging case, equipped with magnets, guides the earphones with surgical precision into their respective charging/storage slots.

Besides, the case itself can be charged, which in turn charges the ear buds when placed in the case.

Elsewhere, these ergonomically-shaped earphones are designed to offer maximum comfort and use for extended periods. The earphones perfectly fit your ears and don’t feel lose whether you’re walking, running, or during workouts.

Overall, I was impressed by design and build quality of RAEGR Airshots 500. That said, the case needs to be handled carefully to make it last in the long run. It uses polycarbonate plastic, so you’ll need to use them with care to avoid scratches and wear and tear that might happen with rough usage.

Features and Battery

Key features of these earphones include IPX7 splash and waterproof rating, which is quite a delight at this price point. With an IPX7 rating, these earphones are practically resistant against water for immersion up to 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Raegr AirShots 500 TWS Wireless 5

Besides, the Raegr AirShots 500 offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which again was impressive. I faced no issues pairing these earphones with my iPhone. These earphones are universally compatible, which means any device with Bluetooth capability can connect with these earphones flawlessly.

Another feature worth mentioning is the phone stand. Besides, storing and charging, the battery case offered with these earbuds also functions as a phone stand. It can support large phones such as Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max. The case effortlessly supports big smartphones, being completely stable, which makes it great for binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

Raegr AirShots 500 TWS Wireless 6Even the battery performance was quite solid. In standby in the case, these buds lasted for well over a week. Besides, they lasted for nearly 4 hours on continuous playback at 80 percent volume. Meanwhile, the charging case juices up from zero to 100 percent in around 40 minutes. Once fully charged, you can fully charge the earbuds around 15 times.

Sound Quality

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Here comes the moment of truth: the audio quality. And boy, was I impressed. The Raegr Airshots 500 can pump a well-balanced sound with a thumpy bass and crisp vocals. The bass does not overpower the highs and mids, churning out a balanced sound.

I was quite impressed by the overall sound quality considering their modest price point. Just make sure you judge the audio quality after the speakers’ burn-in (the period it takes for brand new speakers to adjust to delivering sound to their full capacity). After this burn-in period, the speakers should ideally deliver their peak sound quality.

Wrap Up

Raegr AirShots 500 TWS Wireless 8

Raegr AirShots 500 wireless earphone comes loaded with handy features such as IPX7, which means it is waterproof. It is also sweat-proof and lightweight. It offers a secure ear fitting, ergonomic design, which lets you enjoy high-quality stereo music with ease. It also comes with a protective battery case featuring a low-power in-built LCD that shows the charge level of the earphones, the battery remaining in the charging case, and has charging animations for both. You also get a respectable 1.5-year warranty period (1 year out the box, 6 months upon registration on the TekkiTake website). Not to mention, the impressive overall sound quality.

All in all, these are totally worth buying given their modest price tag and the features offered. These wireless earbuds have every feature of more expensive ones. A charging case with visual LED graphic, independent pairing so you can listen to one or both, long battery life and touch controls. They’ll definitely be worth the money spent.