Home News Pregnant mother from Sydney reportedly suffers severe burns from iPhone 7

Pregnant mother from Sydney reportedly suffers severe burns from iPhone 7


A pregnant mother hailing from Western Sydney, Australia, suffered severe second degree burns from her iPhone 7. According to multiple reports, Melanie Tan Pelaez was watching movies on her iPhone 7 while it was charging when she fell asleep.

She woke up shocked in the morning with immense pain in her arm realizing something wasn’t right. Her arm had turned red which she saw while getting dressed, after which she consulted her physician who then advised her to immediately visit the hospital.

“I went to get dressed and realized my arm was very red, so I then went to the GP and they advised me I needed to go straight to the hospital,” Pelaez told Australian publication News.com.au.

The hospital performed several checks on her after which she was informed that the marks were caused by a foreign object when she dozed-off. The 34-year old Pelaez was informed that she had endured ‘superficial burns’, after she accidentally off. She then said that it was indeed her iPhone 7 that caused severe burns on her arm, which was later confirmed.

“We matched the markings on my arm to the phone and charger,” said Pelaez.

After visiting the hospital, Ms.Pelaez quickly took her iPhone 7 to an Apple Store to inform them about the incident. However, Apple has reportedly denied that her iPhone 7 was to blame. The company responded by saying that the iPhone 7 in question ‘didn’t have a distinct smell’, and the device is designed to shut itself down in case of overheating.

Ms. Tan Pelaez also said that Apple offered her a free replacement for her iPhone 7, but she refused to accept it because she ‘doesn’t trust the device anymore. She further added that she wants to raise awareness among other users about the incident, so they don’t sustain the same injuries as she did.