Home News Prakash Javadekar launces new website ahead of Paris Conference on Climate Change

Prakash Javadekar launces new website ahead of Paris Conference on Climate Change

Paris Conference on Climate Change

India is on a mission to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the best manner possible in readiness of a global climate change summit set to begin on November 30 in Paris. To fuel this, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar, announced the launching of a comprehensive website while at the same time specifying its plans.

According to Javadekar, the website justclimateaction.org is purposely meant to bring to book India’s stands and efforts towards climate change. The salient features on the website include 300GB of data in videos, pictures and reports that can be shared on social media channels easily.

The content is rich enough to engage the audience and keep them tacked in. The content of the videos includes over 40 clippings of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s speeches that are clearly defining a broad range of initiatives that will foresee the reduction of climate change.

The website will have over 100 films collected from several parts of the social sector and government. It will integrate social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and will also display the social media channels real time.

Addressing reporters, he stated that this is the first time a developing country has put together such a comprehensive action plan. Besides, it is a platform where all their partner agencies will be able to showcase their work.

The website is built on a ‘break away, and play’ architectural status and the viewers will be able to view each section from whatever part of the world. The FAQ section stands out, mainly because it provides answers to questions on India’s stand and inventiveness.

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) will be included in the website and will also include appreciation received across the world and also the comments on INDCs.

Around 30 films on climate change initiatives that were taken up by the private sectors and the government are there on the site under seven broad heads in “India’s Initiatives” section.

Of the six links in the top band of the website, the first one is outlining India’s INDCs, another one leads the viewers to the website of initiative while the third one takes one to 4 reports released by the Ministry and also the Earth Overshoot Report by the Global Footprint Network. A compilation of videos on India’s initiatives is found on the fourth link.

But is New Delhi’s pledge on the lessening of carbon emission by 35% convincing? Well, it is an achievable goal though it requires intensive planning. The Paris conference will be the 21st meeting of Conference of Parties (CoP-21), which the Prime Minister is also expected to attend.

The website compiles projects of across 30 agencies and ministers that can help curb India’s carbon emission. The aim is to keep the global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.