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Pebble Time Round Review: A simple, elegant, and easy to use smartwatch

Besides the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, the company also launched the Pebble Time Round. As the name suggests, it’s a circular version of the original Time, and notably much thinner and lighter. The beauty of Pebble Time Round is that it looks like any other regular watch, unlike the chunky and macho-looking smartwatches we’ve been seeing over the years. It’s probably the most elegant looking smartwatch out there and If you’re looking for a GPS watch for kids head on to superwatches.

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Pebble has finally managed to make something that looks like any regular wristwatch, and at the same time doesn’t feel overwhelming in the hand. While it may not be as high on features compared to other smartwatches, but has enough going on to be called a “smartwatch.” Its sleek, elegant, and compact form factor does come with its trade-offs compared to other modern smartwatches. Currently available for Rs. 21,999 on eBay, let’s find out if the Pebble Time Round is worth the money?

Box Contents:

  • Pebble Time Round smartwatch
  • USB-charging cable
  • User Manual

Look and Feel

The Pebble Time Round is undeniably one of the most elegant, minimalist looking smartwatches out there. It’s slim, lightweight, and feels unobtrusive in hand. The all-metal chassis and smoothly rounded edges give it a premium look and feel. Its design is so elegant that any I showed it to would see themselves giving it a try. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s compact, lightweight, and does not look like a bulky fitness tracker – the Pebble Time Round checks all those boxes.

Hardware, Features, and Performance

The Pebble Time Round features a color e-paper display, which isn’t the most vibrant out there but still does the job rather well. There are options to tweak brightness levels, and the watch’s display has no issues in outdoor conditions whatsoever.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s compact, lightweight, and does not look like a bulky fitness tracker – the Pebble Time Round checks all those boxes.

Even the setup process is fairly straightforward and seamless. Bluetooth and OS integration is also top-notch, and I never had to reset the Pebble Time Round even once. While regarding functionality, you can use it to control music, view Google and Powerpoint slides, call an Uber or check your calendar. You can’t make calls with the smartwatch, but you can use Bluetooth headphones to control calls.

Besides, the watch’s performance is also silky smooth. I didn’t come across any noticeable lags or visible pauses while scrolling through menus. The integration with the phone is also pretty snappy and responsive. Whatever notifications you get on your phone instantly appear on the smartwatch. That said, the Pebble Time Round only gets you around two days of battery life, which compared to other smartwatches is quite less. That said, it’s not a cause for concern as it fully charges in about 15 minutes. Also, the watch is not entirely waterproof; it’s just splashproof, so you’ll have to keep an eye out.



The software on Pebble Rime Round is similar to the one found on other Pebble watches. The button on the left is your back or backlight button, while the three buttons on the right are used to navigate through the watch’s interface. All your events, notifications and reminders are arranged in a chronological manner. 

You can install apps and watch faces by pairing the watch with your phone. Just download the Pebble Time app for Android or iOS, and pair the watch with your smartphone. There a plethora of apps and around 200 watch faces that you can download. Overall, the watch’s interface is rather simple, uncluttered, and easy to use.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • A plethora of watch faces to choose from
  • Works on both iOS and Android


  • Not fully waterproof, only splashproof
  • A bit overpriced for features

Wrap Up

The Pebble Time Round is ideal for users who want to get basic notifications at their fingertips and is super comfortable to wear. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to live with, especially for those with smaller wrists. It’s probably the most elegant looking smartwatches out there, and I am in awe of how lightweight and unobtrusive it feels. Yes, its e-paper display isn’t the most vibrant out there, neither has it got the features compared to other smartwatches. That’s why it’s Rs. 21,999 price tag sounds a bit too much.

But if you’re looking for an everyday smartwatch that is non-gimmicky, super-comfortable to wear, and looks like a swaggy wristwatch, then you’ll love the Pebble Time Round. It does everything you’d expect from a typical smartwatch and does it rather well. That too, without being overwhelming. Having said that, if a feature-loaded smartwatch with a big, vibrant display is your thing, then you better look elsewhere.