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Oracle APEX Adopts AI Assistants for Easier Low-Code App Development

Oracle APEX Adopts AI Assistants for Easier Low-Code App Development

Oracle Application Express (APEX) has integrated AI capabilities to enhance the low-code development process for enterprise applications. This development aims to streamline the creation of complex applications by simplifying coding through natural language processing and machine learning.

Enhanced Developer Productivity with AI

APEX’s AI capabilities, particularly through the APEX AI Assistant, facilitate the generation of valid SQL statements using natural language inputs. This tool remembers SQL syntax and automates the writing of JOINs, which can significantly reduce the routine coding tasks developers face. Additionally, it provides explanations for existing code and suggests bug fixes that can be implemented with a simple click​​.

Seamless Integration and Operations

The integration of AI into Oracle APEX goes beyond just application development. Oracle’s APEX platform also offers automated management capabilities, which replace manual operations with machine learning-driven automation for provisioning, scaling, securing, backing up, and repairing applications​ ​. Furthermore, APEX applications are known for their consistent performance and scalability, thanks to the Autonomous Database and Exadata hardware which optimize computing resources dynamically based on throughput requirements​​.

Cost Efficiency and Accessibility

Oracle APEX provides a cost-efficient solution for developers. The platform does not charge per application or per user, which allows enterprises to build applications without worrying about escalating costs. For those new to APEX, there is a free version available on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier, which can be upgraded as needed with just one click.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Oracle APEX’s roadmap includes more sophisticated AI-assisted development tools. Future updates will focus on further simplifying the app development process, allowing developers to use natural language to specify the desired attributes and capabilities of new applications. This approach not only saves time but also allows developers to focus on creating unique features rather than the underlying code​.

Overall, Oracle APEX is positioning itself as a robust platform for enterprise app development, blending the simplicity of low-code solutions with the power of artificial intelligence to meet modern business demands.


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