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Oppo manufactures one smartphone every 3 seconds in India, offers the highest standards of quality control tests

Chinese manufacturer Oppo has a huge manufacturing facility in India which the company claims are currently able to produce one smartphone every three seconds. That apart, the company makes it a point to have ready stock of components and other materials which will enable it to produce another 1.2 million smartphones at any given point in time.

The factory spread across its sprawling 110-acre facility in Noida plays host to a range of advanced machinery and equipment that caters to the entire spectrum of the smartphone manufacturing process. Specifically, the Oppo factory in Noida can be categorized into four segments – Assembly, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), Storage, and the Supply Warehouse.

The facility employs super-machines at the SMT section which are capable of holding 37,000 micro components an hour. That is not all as the machines can deliver a Printed Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA in 6.25 seconds irrespective of the complexity of the PCB.

Also of course there is an equally elaborate testing facility that subjects each of the finished products to multiple and extensive testing before those are packed and readied for market shipment. The testing process includes electrical performance tests to ensure the smartphone components behave in the precise manner they are supposed to.

Similarly, there is the structural analysis test and environmental aging test to ensure the smartphone is robust enough to withstand the rigors of real-world usage on a daily basis. Plus, the tests also aim to establish the Oppo phones produced in India would be able to deliver at their optimum in varying environmental conditions.

Among the tests done include hard pressure test where a smartphone is subjected to 35-kilo push 100 times. There are micro-drop tests done as well where the phone is dropped 28,000 times from a height of 10 cms. On the whole, Oppo aims to deliver only the most well-designed smartphones in India that makes it past the most stringent quality tests that the phones are subjected to.


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