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OnePlus and Hasselblad join forces to develop next-gen mobile camera systems

While most smartphones have evened out with their feature offerings, the one area where manufacturers continue to wage a high-pitched battle is the camera. What that means is, the manufacturers will have to improvise and innovate continuously in the face of relentless competition. That should explain the tie-up between OnePlus and Swedish camera maker, Hasselblad.

According to information available on this, both the companies will be collaborating for a three-year period. Also, the pair would be plowing in $150 million to develop cutting-edge smartphone camera tech that should put OnePlus at the top of the smartphone heap when it comes to their imaging capabilities.

Of course, the Swedish firm isn’t an alien to all this as it has already developed a camera module meant to serve as an external attachment to the Moto Z. Further, it has also developed cameras that have been mounted on DJI drones. With the OnePlus deal, it would be seeing its sensors and other paraphernalia directly being fitted in a smartphone that fancies itself as a flagship killer.

OnePlus, meanwhile, is all set to launch its next smartphone offering, the OnePlus 9 on March 23 itself. Both the companies have also stated the phone will be the first device where their combined efforts will be there to be seen. The phone will be featuring the Sony IMX789 sensor and will be capable of recording 4K videos at 120 fps and 8K videos at 30 fps.