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OnePlus 6 confirmed to get an industry first 5-layer Nanotech coated glass back

The already over hyped OnePlus 6 is back to create some more, and the company too is doing its bit to add to the craze. This time, the company chief executive, Pete Lau has revealed the upcoming flagship killer will be featuring a glass back that again will have five layers of nanotech coating.

Now, for those not in the knowing, nanotech coating is applied to make the rear exude a sense of style and elegance. It makes the rear more inviting and offer a superior experience to hold and operate. The special nanotech coating also makes the phone better protected against the elements, thereby negating the need to use solvents to clean the surface at regular intervals.

Also, while most companies resort to three layers of nanotech coating on their top-end devices, OnePlus said they are applying five layers of it on the OnePlus 6. That makes it an industry first and should translate to an enhanced user experience with the phone unlike any other.

The revelation is also interesting as this confirms the upcoming phone will have a glass back. This, when another leak had led to speculation that the phone will have a wood textured rear. A brushed metal rear build too was being speculated in some quarters. A glass rear, in any case, is also a confirmation of sorts that the phone will support wireless charging.

Other bits and pieces of the upcoming phone that the chief executive revealed in the company’s forum include some details of the memory and storage options expected with the phone. That includes one top end variant which will have 256 GB of storage along with 8 GB of RAM. Worth mentioning, the Chinese firm had set the standard here with the OnePlus 5 and 5T also featuring 8 gigs of memory, the highest ever in a smartphone.

In other revelations, Pete Lau had earlier confirmed the OnePlus 6 will have a notch but will have a software setting to black out the same as well. This clearly is to address concerns from some quarters that preferred a more seamless viewing area devoid of the notch dropping down from above.