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Noise NoiseFit Active Smartwatch Review – A perfect fit for the health freak inside you!

More and more people are buying into the smartwatch segment solely because of the need to stay fit during this pandemic. This is why the smartwatch market has been booming lately. We recently reviewed the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 smartwatch which left a good impression on us.

Now we have one more Noise smartwatch and this time it’s the NoiseFit Active. The USP of the watch is its traditional design, low price and the number of features it offers. We like a smartwatch when it does justice to its basic functions and we did put the NoiseFit Active to its full potential.

Coming in at the price tag of INR 3,499 under offer, the NoiseFit Active promises a lot. We have been using the ColorFit Pro 3 for roughly two weeks and here’s our full review.

Key Specifications

  • Display – 1.28-inch LCD
  • 14 tracking modes
  • Blood Oxygen monitoring
  • 24/7 Heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Up to 7 days battery life

Box Contents

noice fit active 3

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • Noise NoiseFit Active Smartwatch
  • Charging Cradle
  • User instruction manual

Design & Display

While design can be subjective, but we quite like smartwatches that have the traditional circular dials. The whole squaricle Apple Watch like look seems monotonous by now, so the NoiseFit Active brings a breath of fresh air in the under INR 4,000 smartwatch segment.

noice fit active 1

Though the product shots, might make this watch look a little bit big, it is actually small and people with small wrists can rock it too. You get a1.28-inch LCD panel which gets fairly bright though no official brightness numbers have been put out by the brand. The bezels all around are quite big which is to be expected on a watch at this price point.

The display is covered by clear acrylic and not glass which tapers off on the edges merging with the plastic buffer. The entire body is made out of high-quality plastic and the watch is being offered in four shades. Just for being classy, we would recommend going with the black colour model which goes well with most outfits. There are two bottoms on the watch with one of them used to navigate the menu while the other acts as a home button.

noice fit active 6

On flipping the watch, we get to see the HR sensor suite along with the dual pogo-pins that are used to charge the watch. Strap on this is 22mm in size and come with a quick release mechanism. The factory straps are decent but we will recommend getting some good quality 3rd party straps.

Software & Performance

The NoiseFit Active just like other smartwatches from Noise runs on the Realtime OS (RTOS) which is essentially a stripped-down version of a standard OS, designed for low-powered devices. The watch gets the same UI elements, as the ones we saw on the Noise ColorFit Pro 3.

noice fit active 5

We get neatly laid out menus wherein all the 14 fitness tracking modes from running to other heavy workouts are covered. The watch comes with some pre-installed watch faces that can be customised up to some extent and some more can be added to the watch via the companion app.

It is easy to set this watch up, just download the NoiseFit app from the PlayStore/AppStore and follow the steps to pair up the smartwatch. Once paired, you get to see the main menus wherein you get the ability to share your fitness stats and regime with your friend group.

The app gets you access to historical data, which can be exported to the Google Fit app for a much better analysis. Moving on to the performance, there is a 24/7 heart rate monitor which is standard these days and we can also measure the Blood Oxygen level (SpO2) which is an advantage. During our tests, we found the sleep and heart rate tracking results fairly accurate.

noice fit active 4

The watch registered the sleep quite well and even detected irregular sleep patterns with ease. The HR sensor suite including the SpO2 monitor put out a reading that matched that of a costlier medical-grade hardware. The battery life on RTOS powered smartwatches has always been great and the NoiseFit Active follows the same trend.

In our tests with every possible feature turned on, the smartwatch dropped to 30% within a couple of days. This matches the 7-days advertised usage time. It took us around 90 odd minutes to charge it completely with less than 10% juice left using the supplied magnetic charger.

Verdict – Should you buy it?

noice fit active 7

Given the sea of squaricle smartwatches that are present in the sub-INR 5,000 price band, the NoiseFit Active stands out immediately with that circular design. It comes with all the basic features that you would need in a smartwatch. We found all the metrics accurate enough to recommend this watch to our readers.