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New Kent OTG 42L with independent top and bottom temperature control launched in India

Kent, already a well-known name when it comes to kitchen appliances has launched the new OTG 42L in India. The company said the new OTG will let you bake, toast, and grill and is designed to be the perfect accompaniment for all with cooking ambitions, be it expert chefs or those who are novices at cooking. Kent said the 2000 W OTG would be perfect for a family of 8 and can be used to bake a cake, grill some sumptuous chicken, or toast garlic bread.

The OTG 42L also comes with some nice convenient features. For instance, there is the rotisserie function that will rotate the food automatically at a steady pace. This ensures the food, whether be it meat or vegetables is cooked evenly on all sides, while also providing it just the right texture and browning. This is achieved by circulating hot air all around which also makes sure the food item is cooked faster as well.

Apart from these, the OTG 42L also allows for customized cooking options too. There are knobs for precise control over temperature and time to suit different types of recipes. In fact, the OTG comes with a dual temperature knob that allows you to control the temperature at the top and the bottom heating elements individually. This can be a boon for specific recipe types where you might need a different temperature setting at the bottom for precise cooking and a different temperature at the top for the browning effect.

Another cool feature of the OTG is its ‘stay on function’ which acts to keep the food warmer for longer. This is unlike microwave ovens where you will have to reheat the food all over again. All that you need to do is set the temperature and time setting and the OTG will shut itself off at the precise moment, thereby giving you complete peace of mind besides also saving power. That way, unlike conventional cooking methods where you need to be present during the cooking process, with the OTG, you will be free to attend to other chores.

Yet another positive with the OTG is that it is easier to clean and maintain. To aid in that, the drop-down crumb tray present at the bottom of the appliance can be pulled down which makes it easier to wipe off and cleaned easily. As for its price, the Kent OTG 42L can be bought for Rs. 12,000 and is available to buy from all Kent outlets as well as Kent online store.