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NASA student project picks up alien sounds from outer space

A NASA student project balloon equipped with ultra-sensitive microphones while floating at the space edge captured infrasonic and alien sound from the outer space. NASA has not yet been able to ascertain the source of the sound. The sound has infrasound frequencies and are so low that a human ear cannot hear it.

According to the report published in The Independent, the equipment picked up hisses, and whistles that can be heard by speeding up the recordings of the infrasound. Several theories have come forward related to the source of the sound.

According to the scientists, the sound can be due to the wind passing the path of the balloon, ocean waves, and clear air turbulence or even due to gravity waves.

Others have suggested that the noises may be sourced from the balloon’s cable movements. However, NASA intends to explore this incidence more and hence is planning to send another payload so that more such strange noise can be recorded, and the exact source can be traced.

The Chapel Hill’s University of North Carolina student, Daniel Bowman, has captured these sounds. According to Bowman, for past 50 years, no acoustic recordings have been made in the stratosphere, and if the instruments are placed, something of importance can surely be discovered.

Bowman had sent the helium balloon with the infrared microphones in August above Arizona and New Mexico as a part of his High-Altitude Student Platform study.

While making a statement to the Live Science, Bowman said that the sounds are similar to those you hear in ‘The X-Files’ and said that the complexity of the signal took him by surprise.

He has been creating and launching high-altitude balloons since his high school days and is hoping that the new information and experiment will help to revive the interest of the scientists in the atmospheric infrasound.

In the wake of this new development, some scientists have even suggested sending equipments similar to the high altitude balloon to Mars and the moon.