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NASA allegedly stopped ISS live feed of UFO entering Earth

According to a bunch of YouTubers, NASA is trying to hide about a UFO that is apparently closing in on our planet. From International Space Station (ISS), which orbits the Earth around 16 times a day, NASA’s live streaming videos have revealed an alien body approaching towards the Earth.

A report filed by Popular Mechanics states that a YouTuber, who was watching NASA’s live feed, observed an alien object entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The footage in the question is NASA’s live footage from the ISS on the 9th of July. The claim also states that NASA cut off the live feed as soon as they observed the alien.

The questionable footage was grabbed by dozens of YouTube channels, and renowned scientific sources started working on the case. However, Popular Mechanic took a step ahead and went on to inquire about the situation from NASA.

NASA’s spokesperson reported –

We have never seen UFOs in the popular sense.

He further explained that the feed in the question relates to High Definition Earth Viewing experiment, and when the system loses the signal, the video stream tends to go dark. Also, even though the feed gives a really good coverage, the system does tend to lose signals and this duration can last from seconds to a few minutes.

NASA has pretty much covered the incident by claiming a loss in the signal, but the ‘strange light’ in the video is what is bothering everyone. For this, the space agency has put forward a few reasonable explanations like radiation hitting the HD sensor of the viewing system, a meteor or a satellite in the vicinity.

But it appears that for now, people are not ready to believe the same. Instead, there are a few clips on YouTube, which are raising the curiosity levels amongst everyone.

Check the UFO video below: