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NASA to hold teleconference on microsatellite studying Earth

NASA is to hold a teleconference to get knowledge about some Earth science missions using small satellites. The event will happen on November 7 at 2:30 EST and will be the first concrete effort to study a deluge of small and nano satellites which are being launched into space.

There is a revolution happening in the field of nanosatellites, and today we have CubeSats which is small enough to be held in your palm to satellites the size of a small washing machine. There are some benefits which can be accrued from the technology, and most noteworthy is the reduction in costs of a new mission and also expand access to space. The conference will be delving into some topics which include the development of new technologies, Earth observing missions, setting up a constellation of nanosatellites to study climate change, keeping track of hurricanes and clouds.

Among the participants at the teleconference were chief scientists at NASA, Ellen Stofan and also Science Mission Directorate at NASA, and Steve Jurczyk. Also on board will be top officials from NASA who are associated with cyclone warning, Applied Physics.

It costs money to haul hardware to space, and this is encouraging scientists to design smaller but more efficient nano-sized microsatellites. These nanosatellites are very useful in fields like weather forecasting, telecommunication, remote sensing and other allied fields. Instead of having a massive hardware weighing many tonnes, scientists are perfecting Nano Satellites which do a fixed number of tasks but orbiting as a swarm with a unified purpose.